Monday, April 21, 2008

If Only

As she opened her eyes, the early morning sun hit her face, she knew it was just another day in store for her. She shifted in the bed a little and the sheets crinkled under her weight. There was something comforting about the starched sheets and the solid wood of the almirah. She let her gaze linger on her reflection in the full length mirror. Her hair in a mess at the nape of her neck and her slightly smudged red bindi. The mark that almost dictates the way her life flows. She knew exactly what was the day was going to be like. The children had to be sent to school, the maids had to be supervised, breakfast, lunch and dinner had to be planned and cooked.

She got out of the bed, and entered the bathroom to brush her teeth. As she brushed, she checked for zits on her face, a habit that started when she was 15 and was never able to get rid of inspite of the smooth skin she now owned. She quickly showered while the phone rang a couple of times. She checked e mail sipping her morning coffee, and laid out her outfit for the day. Knee length pin striped black skirt, black stockings and white shirt with pink pin stripes. A black jacket to go with it as well. Shoes. She looked at the 40 different pairs of shoes she had and decided on the black low heeled pumps. She double checked her laptop bag to see if she had everything for the presentation. Today was the big day. A meeting with the boss and she hoped to floor them with her new designs. She walked out of the apartment mentally running through her checklist..Phone,Laptop,Keys,Wallet,cards...She felt the wind in her face and was happy to be alive..

She scolded herself for such thoughts as she got out of the bed. As she brushed her teeth and checked for zits on her face, she glimpsed a life she could have had..if only...


i think therefore i am said...

awww.. fancy pants writing.. nice one..

Ne said...

:-D this is what happens if you're awake at 4 AM and dont know what else to do!