Thursday, December 20, 2007

A good haul

I went to the library this evening.I mean, no big deal.I've been going to a library ever since I could remember.First at school, and then one close to where I live. Its this little shop like thing, tucked between two others on the main road,something one can easily miss.But once you enter, it is stuffed with books,almost bursting at its seams.Shelves and shelves of books,old and new. a big desk behind which is the librarian whom in call 'Uncle'. The moment he sees me, all the good and new stuff comes out from under that desk.I love going inside, looking around,spending time and picking out books. Today was unhurried. Browsing is my favourite part.Only then shelves that are too high are kind of a pain.Its like this..first I look at the new ones,then go to the heavy reading section,Indian Authors,thrillers and detective novels,chick lit and then Archie comics.I Collect a huge pile and then read the back and segregate.I consider a successful haul with a nice little melange. 2 for heavy reading, 2 chick lit, and a Roald Dahl or James Herriot. I wish they were both still alive.I've read all of Herriot's books, and quite a few of Dahl's.I'm reading a collection of his short stories now. Preferably, I go alone. I hate being hurried with someone standing behind me, asking me to get done soon.
I just finished 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' by Khaled Hosseini.It was so good. I wouldn't say its amazing piece of literature, but so well written. I actually cried while reading it.Because although it is fiction, these things happen.'Truth is Stranger Than Fiction' is one of my dad's favourite lines. I picked up the Kite runner now. Hope its good.I've seen it before but somehoe never bothered taking it. I also got Jhumpa Lahiri's 'The Namesake'. I've already seen the movie. A first for me,cause I'm the type who likes the book better. I heard the movie is better from one person..saying its more visual(obviously!!) and nice. After that, a hundred others told me the book is more descriptive(sigh.obviously.again) I figured, I might as well try it out!

So here's to a good week of reading!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I finally got around to doing the Visual DNA thing. I cant cut and paste from the site, so here's a brief what-Ne-is. A few lines..
You love the sun,sand and wind in your face. A holiday is to recharge and get pampered.You things to be clean,neat and smelling sweet.(Which might explain all my fruity shampoo,soaps,conditioners,foot scrubs,and my sangria bath set!)
You treasure your possessions.Looking fresh is a standard for you.You like your surroundings to life your mood.For you, love is a long term commitment, it means devotion and tenderness. You are a bit of a romantic and have a taste for the exotic.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hyderabad Highs

After a month long hiatus,here I am again! :D I dint realize its been a month since I blogged.That was also because I was in Hyderabad for the last 10 days having a blast. Since I am leaving and all that, I decided to go to my grandparents place,meet cousins.I figured since I wasn't really doing anything here,I might as well go and do nothing there.Oh, and there was a wedding happening too! But I was truly in for a (pleasant) surprise. There was lots to do in hyd! I literally shopped till i dropped. The city is filled with malls and places to eat. The best part is,everyone seemed to be shopping and eating. What a change from the hyderabad I knew. Or maybe I dint really get to see the place since we would go there only for a wedding and my cousin sis,(who's just a year younger than me )and I wouldn't be allowed to stay out too late. Now that we're both working and "all growed up" we could do whatever we wanted. We had something to do everyday. One mall a day and a couple of shopping bags was like mandatory! The best part is, 10 minutes from their place is this HUGE row of factory outlets.From levis,to pepe,dockers and nike reebok and adidas. Need i say more?? *grin*

A typical day would be..wake up late,by the time we're all ready, its lunch time. eat. or go out to the various lunches organized in each aunt's place. shop.get home. go out for dinner.During the wedding time the lunch and dinner will be preceded by a function.In all this, my grandmother has a boutique.She does salwar kameez and saree business.So we would ooh and aah over the nice stuff she brought back from jaipur and when customers look at them. I seriously have the 'funest' grandma who brings back the most coolest stuff.I picked out this lovely toe ring which she brought back.The grandfather wasn't too happy about me wearing a toe ring since I am unmarried,but hello,its a fun thing and I'm wearing it only on one foot. He still dint seem to be convinced. Oh and we had this new flavor of Breezer called 'Jamaican Passion'. was yummy. Is it possible to sign some kind of a petition for them to start allowing Bacardi to market Breezer in Chennai? Grr. This is SO not fair. We have it in Bangalore and Hyderabad, Chennai really feels left out. Cant u see that??? H-M-P-H!!

I'm back in Chennai now. I need to learn to make all the types of Dal. Learn to IDENTIFY them first is more like it. I get so confused with the English,Hindi,Tamil and Telugu names! There are like some million varieties, multiply them into 4, and what do expect? One hell of a confused drama queen.

More updates on the dal et al later.ta!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

right here right now

I know I havent posted in a long long time and I was actually questioned by a few faithful readers of my blog!! ..And I thought I was the only one reading me.So,YAAY.
These last few weeks have been a bit hectic for me,what with getting my VISA to the US and quitting work and all.What do u expect? So, now as you must have gathered,I am going to get back to being a student and start burning the midnight oil.I am off to the University of Maryland,College park.I am excited,sad,apprehensive,tense and a whole range of things.
I will post again tomorrow I promise. Have to run now! oh and I have started shopping! :-) ta.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So i've got eye trouble and am subjected to wearing my specs for like a week. blah.Apparently the inner eyelid of mine is all bumpy when its supposed to be smooth.And those dumb eyedrops end up at my throat when I lie down and it tastes terrible. :-(

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Life of Pi

Initially when I heard of the book, i thought 'The Life Of Pi' would literally have something to do with math,or some kind of a child prodigy. I couldn't have been more wrong.This Booker Prize winning material by Yann Martel is about this teenage boy from Pondicherry who's thrown overboard when the ship he's travelling on with his family sinks. With a male bengal tiger in tow,he manages to survive 277 days at sea on a lifeboat. The kid calls himself 'Pi' which explains the title(anyone would considering he was named Piscine Molitor Patel by his parents!)Speaking of names, why would parents choose names for their offspring that would definately give rise to a good bout of teasing,name calling and the like? I mean,seriously.What about the kid who's name is Fakir?(no prizes for guessing what his nickname at school would be) or Balaji who's always Bajji,Madhav becomes maddie,Nikhil to Nikki, Srikanth to Cheeky,cheeku,so on and so forth...aarrgh.digressing.back to the book.So Pi's dad is a zoo keeper who's immigrating to canada with a veritable menangerie on the ship.Needless to say after the ship sinks,a couple of creatures climb in.A tiger, a zebra and an orangutan. A battle of strength follows and Pi is left with the Tiger.
The book is about survival, which tells us a lot about human nature.He manages to land on an uninhabited island for a few days.The place is filled with these arboreal beings called meerkats. They reminded me so much of those creatues in the movie 'Madagascar'.The ones in the middle of the wild dancing and partying! Im not sure if Martel intended it that way, but hey,its my imagination and its a free world.

I really liked the book.Especially the detail and research that went into the part about the sloth and its habits(no im not talking about my brother referring to the no...not him.but then again...*grin*) The inital part of the story is of Pi and family's life in Pondicherry and general south indian stuff. Usually when foreigners talk about India, they tend to mix up the facts about the South and the North. Like people's names, and food. Here, there is no mistaking the effort that went into detail. A good, refreshing change. In this same way,in a grotesque manner he goes on to explain bloody fights between the animals and how Pi is forced to eat raw sea food.I almost threw up. But that dint stop me from reading. I guess thats what a good author does.

I am not saying i TOTALLY loved the book. But it was definately much better than above average. I cannot judge if it was a worthy winner of the Booker prize for that year since i'd have to read the other nominations to comment.

Neha's rating :

The Life Of Pi by Yann Martel : 8/10

The next review will be of 'The Home and The World' by Rabindranath Tagore. An english transalation of "Ghare-Baire". But for now, a little chick lit is waiting for me. Oh, and I finally got a copy of Shantharam. A good haul from the library this time. :-)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

kick ass match

Well, as u just happen to guess, im talking about the awesome,fantabulous,enthralling,exciting India-Pakistan cricket match yesterday.which totally kicked ass.Im not much of a cricket fan.My knowledge of cricket is limited to the rudimentary.What constitues four runs,a six,a catch and a run out.But I just cannot understand for the life of me what an LBW means.Thats when the batsman protects the stump or something right???
Everyone was looking forward to the match like there was no tomorrow.E mail forwards, SMS messages were being sent by the dozen and it looked like the whole of chennai left work early to fix their eyes on the TV.I was stuck in traffic for like 35 min when its usually 15 to get home :-|

So i got home and plonked myself infront of the TV.The one in my parents room.aah,a nice 29" with a home theatre sound system and their plush comfy mattress, a bag of crisps. I totally love this whole 20-20 concept. Its not a whole day long,its fast,furious,and loads of fun.The fact that it was India-Paki made it deliciously nail biting.. But one has to admit that the Pakistani team played real good cricket.Their fielding and bowling was just too good.Stealing a single here and there was tough. The fact that India managed to score about 160 odd runs was good for 20 overs but not enough for a comfortabe win. A couple of 4rs and 6s by the pakis would have changed the game completely.Wickets were falling fast and the Pakis were scampering on the pitch for runs. India royally kicked butt.

Amma's telugu commentary was the best. ROFL. It's taking sometime for Nana to adjust to the 20-20 match thing. Especially since he was a part of his school and university cricket team. For them, the old timey concept of a test match is the REAL thing. To accept the one day plays was tough,and now 20-20.Oh My God. whats the world coming to???
But one cant NOT enjoy it.Cricket is so close to the Indian heart that you cant look at it objectively! And this was India-Pakistan. I mean,hello. u have to be insane not to watch it!
Nana, for all your Golf,birdies,pars and putting techniques, cricket is still WITH you. :)

well, for now.Back to the usual rigmarole.Work tomorrow. Dont these people hear of mid week holidays?? well, now take a HINT.

speaking of HINT, we went to that place in bangalore. quite nice i say :)

signing out now.gotta get some shut eye.

For now....toodle!

P.S guys, any idea how long it takes to get an I-20 from schools?? *sigh* seems like FOREVER! and while we're on that topic, any suggestions about Maryland,college park VS Syracuse? any insight would be highly appreciated!! :) now dont u get any ideas,absolutely NO money involved.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

tee hee

"Thats why you shouldn't have eyes as big as saucers" was the reply when I complained when some dust particles fell into my eye the other day.

now, was that a compliment or WHAT??? *grin*

Saturday, September 15, 2007

that time in life

There comes a time in every girls(may I be more specific and say an Indian girl) life when the 'M' word is all she can hear. Needless to say its Marriage.Or wedding.or Nuptials. Or matrimony.Nice boy,good family,27yrs,earning well,tall,fair are all a part of the M word.So thy shall just say M from now and thou shalt figure out the rest.
The interrogator may come in different forms.More often than not,they are female who have an affinity to shiny silk sarees and jasmine flowers. Largely grouped between the age of 42 and above.Exceptions may occur in the form of bored housweives.The male form feels rather awkward with this topic.They tend to shy away and gravitate to the TV. The victim is ALWAYS a girl who has just finished college and is working.The questioning can also start during the final year.

A typical conversation usually tends to go this way.

(Aunty comes home for pooja/dinner/lunch for a good gossip.)

Aunty : so tell me ma,what are u doing these days??

victim : im working in infy/cts/tcs/whatever.

Aunty : so what plans do u have now?

victim : ermm, nothing much really. Thinking of writing GRE/GMAT/CAT (she adds warily, knowing whats coming next,desperately trying to ward off the next question but in vain.)

aunty : ayyo.You girls these telling you.This is the right old are you??

victim: uh, 22. actually i JUST turned 22. so you can say 21. TOO early aunty!

aunty : nonsense. you get married to a nice boy. And then you study. whats wrong???so may girls are doing it these days. (now looking at the victim's mother)So have any nice proposals come for her lately?

Mother : well. yes, but she is saying no.It seems she wants to study furthur.what can we say?

aunty : see.i told you.if u want ones stopping you. Do u want to study in the US? ok.we'll find a nice boy there for you.Or Europe?? that can also be done.(looking at mother again). In the US also,where ever she wants to study you can find someone close by.There are SOOOO many indians there.

Victim : heh. hmmm. uhh. let me write the exam first. Would you like some juice aunty?

Aunty(sensing change of topic) : No thanks.i have bad throat.Just went to the doctor that day.Actually, my doctor's sister's friend was my classmate in school. I heard her cousin and wife are in california.Looking out for their son I believe.He should be 26,working somwhere in Silicon Valley.I can find out if you want.

Victim : California?? i would love to get into Berkely! (starts dreaming)

Mother : So what is your sister's daughter doing? the one who studied in ASD college?

Aunty : You mean Kavitha? she is married. Has a baby now.2 yrs old.

Victim: ok.So she has a baby. but what is she DOING???

Aunty : err,she's married.

Victim: i know that. But what does she DO?

Aunty : i think she's planning to work. Her husband earns around 10 lacs per u know..

Victim : no i dont.

(ding dong.doorbell rings)Mother opens the door.

Mother : look,its a courier.A wedding invitation. Your friend Meena is getting married on the 23rd of next month.

Victm : good for her. Im ecstatic?????

Mother : see..i told you..if your friends.............

Victim : *sigh*

....and thus it continues..

Monday, September 3, 2007

yes? or no?

Should I? Or shoudn't I? But what if I do? what will they say??? On the other hand if I don't,what will I say? ....And it goes on. and on. and on.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

dilli billi

This post has been long overdue,I havent had time to even breathe from the moment I got back from Delhi.Did u hear that right??yeah.I spent an absolutely amazing time at the capital,at shreya's place.Her mom's technically,since madame has made Michigan her home since last year.I was so excited about the trip since I havent travelled anywhere above Mumbai,which is considered 'North India' for us chennai-ites!After much planning and packing,I was ready to face Dilli.
We did all the nice girly and touristy things.Shopping was super fun especially at Janpath market. There was so much cute stuff we dint know where to look first.The sad thing was I couldnt really buy too much since they were too skimpy to wear in chennai."but where will I wear this in Madraaaaas???" was my constant lament. But hopefully,if all goes well, I'll be out of here soon...that pretty much explains it all.(Nana,if you are reading this close your eyes.:-D).Dads.sigh.
Day 2 was a visit to the mall and we watched Chak De.What a cliche.Watching an almost patriotic movie on Independence day.We all actually stood for the national anthem before they started playing the film.It was awesome!The nicest part of the movie was SRK(big surprise there.he's the KING).He played his age and there was no faltoo romance or some hot actress just for the scenery! or any lame songs.10 points for that.
The next day we graced Agra with our presence.We headed out to Fatehpur Sikhri first to visit Akbar's palace/fort.En route,we got stuck in a 'traffic jam' involving 4 autos,2 carts,a couple of scooters and our car.Very rustic.
The Fort was lovely.Although I was piqued by the fact that Akbar built this huge gateway like thing,Bulandh Darwaza, when his son was born.And honoured that wife with the biggest part of the palace and all.
The Taj was our next destination.We were practically fried by the time we reached there. But the beauty was truly worth the wait.The symmetry was absolutely the best.And to think they did all that with just a piece of string and a ball for a pendulum! Well,to be brutally honest,the roads leading to the Taj and the entire place wasnt maintained too well.Being one of the wonders of the world,why doesnt the government put a little more effort to make the place a tad more presentable at least?? We have visitors from all over the world coming to visit.Do we really want to project India this way?? Apart from blaming the government,Every Indian must want to do a little something to for the country. Even a small gesture like not littering.And of course, a sense of basic hygiene for the surroundings.
One thing that struck me was the number of kids hanging around the place.In Agra,and all the way to the Sikri village.Playing,running around,and many at work with their parents.Weren't they supposed to be in school?It wasnt summer holidays either.All schools re-open in june.We caught sight of a few so-and-so memorial schools here an there.Tired looking nondescript buildings tucked in the middle of nowhere.
This made me think that for all the Big companies,be it outsourcing,malls,clubs,culture,and everything we take for granted,this is what the real India is.Not the handful of cities we are familar with.None of those kids would even have a chance to use a computer,the basic of most things today.That made me sad.To know that as a country we have such a long way to go.And a better education is only one of them.We have other things to think about.Such as the attitude of the people and other social metamorphosis that will only take time.A long,long time.

How this post started from my happy trip to the socio-economic state of India,i dont know.But yeah, food for thought?!

btw. Shre and I got lovely Mehendi on our hands half way to our elbows at dilli haat.Although I wonder if it was real un-adultrated henna,since it dint smell to strong,and it faded away fully within 5 days time.hmmm. But I enjoyed having someone put the mehendi for me,being the puttee,instead of the putter!! :D (license baby.poetic license)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

rainy days in madras and then some more..

I just finished reading a couple of books over the last week.
It's really easy to rip the book apart(which i will in sometime), but 'Madras On Rainy Rays' was actually kinda a weird way. What i liked about it was Samina Ali wrote it like how it really is.Without much exaggeration.It captured my interest enough to finish the book.Just about.The story as such was nothing to write home about. One of those sad-women type stories. In which the 'heroine' is brought up conservative,taught to listen to parents kind of thing but has lived abroad,gets married to this guy in India and needs to break free.Of course,in the end she does manage to.Which was kind of expected.But not really. You never really know how these kind of books end.Some of them end up just the way they started out. And then it makes you wonder why you went through those 200 hundred odd pages in the first place.Cant they just write something happy or fun??? It is not all about sadness in our indian women lives.What puzzled me was the name of the book. First of all,it hardly rains here.Second of all,they spend just 2 days in Madras.Maybe because it was here the heroine decided to leave her husband?? Because he was actually gay and his boyfriend lands up in a burkha and creates a scene. That was really icing on the cake for an already sad book.Oh yeah,after that,her pregnant cousin who is super close to her since birth is raped and murdred. I think we've read enough of stuff like that to last a lifetime.

'Never let me go' by Kazuo Ishiguro is an almost must read. Nominated for the booker prize for a reason.It is written through the eyes of Kathy,brought up at Hailsham,a private boarding school.She talks about her friends,about their reason for existance.Not a thriller,but definately a page turner.By the end of it,you just end up thinking quietly for a while.Not about anything in particular,but the book does strike something in you.That part of you,that you dont want to spend too much time with.Im talking about life.About death.About how when you are alone you think to yourself if this is the way it feels to live.

Neha's ratings:

Madras On Rainy Days by Samina Ali : 5/10
Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro : 8/10

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Its not that i dont believe in God. Its not that i do. I just know that there is some higher force and power up there that makes us I do the whole going to temples with parents and poojas at home,and everythng. im just not the type to go overboard to prove it. Anytime I go to a temple the first thought that comes to my mind is whethere it will be clean or not. Im talking about the wet floor that is supposed to 'cleanse' your feet,that a million people have waded through, and that place where u have to wash hands.
A place of worship should be calm, it should bring peace and serenity.I am superstitious enough to close my eyes and say a silent prayer not to be offensive to my religeon or to God himself. I just wish people would be more concerned about things like general hygeine.
Even going to Tirupati has become pretty much an ordeal. Buying tickets for the Darshan, standing in the line,and having a glimpse of Lord Venkateshwara for just 30 seconds? In all that mess,a hundred other people around you,praying.The wet floor just adds to the confusion. Do you think God wants you to do that? To spend crores of rupees every year to walk by him between those railings?
Aren't faith and belief on a higher plane than all these mundane things? Or maybe it is that as you grow older, you want something to cling to, something to make your life more meaningful.More than work,and home and kids and responsibilty.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Are Indian men the most unchivalrous?

Sunday, July 29, 2007


U should have guessed from the Roald Dahl-ish title that this post is about absolutely yummy food.And the Chef(s) in question are Shreya and of course, Yours Truly!Our Sous chef was Amma,telling us which dal was which and how much water to pour for the rice. I know this post took a while in coming especially since the said feast was a few days back, but with my hectic social life and all...u get the drift right?! *sigh* the woes of being a social butterfly :D
So we started out making red and yellow bell pepper pulao(read : coloured capsicum) which turned out very pretty looking,followed with panneer masala patties shallow fried,aloo gobi curry,dal,boondi raitha.
We started out with a nice little shock when we paid 44 bucks for four capsicum.just because they were coloured.
Other than that things went on pretty smooth. This time we remembered to wash the rice.We somehow dint think we needed to the last time we made pulao since the rice was in a nice fancy basmati packet.extra long grain!It directly went into the rice cooker.Shreya and I were happily eating when after the first spoonful my dad asked us if we washed the rice. So this time,needless to say we were the butt of a lot of jokes. A fresh one everytime I went to the room to ask a 'doubt'. "Dont forget to wash all traces of soap neha.HAHAHAHAHA" :-|
The first few shallow fried panneer patties were a little squashed but we got the hang of it after that and they were awesome! Lightly brown and marinated in masala made from scratch. The aloo gobi and the dal were lovely.wholesome and nice,as our very own german butterfly put it.
We rounded it off with extra fudge chocolate brownie and ice cream,home made again.
Now you can imagine how our satiated selves felt. A nice drive to the beach after dinner was truly icing on the cake.
A should thank his stars I cook well! :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

teens today - special edition

Did i ACTUALLY name this post teens today? considering i was a teen myself a couple of years back?? Maybe this had something to do with the fact that I took my 15 yr old brother shopping yesteray. He took me to this 'cool' place, and 1600 bucks later(rather poorer), we marched out of the shop armed with a couple of linkin park and eminem t shirts,posters and an eminem key chain.
Now,im not against all these so called 'happening' accessories, but this is my baby brother we're talking about! he's going through the black phase. Loose blue jeans and Big black t shirts comprise most of his wardrobe. I remember when I was in class 11 what the 'cool' boys wore. Is he one of them? A part of the 'in' crowd?? what do those girls think? listening to Metallica,Nickelback and Guns n Roses.
Its just a little hard for me to digest that he's not that sweet little thing running around in shorts anymore! he hasnt been for a while now, but still. Especially when he's some 7" taller than me and looks down and says "akka.when did u stop growing?class 7??"
So now I have 2 huge posters staring at me.Eminem's is giving me this try-and-stop-me look with dynamite in his hand and I dont quite know what iron maiden is trying to convey. He's wearing this grotesque mask with an ugly smile to boot,grinning at the world screaming run to the hills. WHY?? Beats me.
So from now,these people are going to be an integral part of my line of sight(LOS.i remember my physics :D) they'd BETTER be. especially since those damn posters were @#$%ing expensive.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunset heat

Im in love. And the product(not the man)in question is the new fragrance by ESCADA, Sunset Heat .D R E A M Y. It smells of summer.of the tropics.of light mauvy(i DO have poetic licence.When was the last time YOU checked?)flowers.a little fruity, a little spicy. Reminds me of amber.
SH hasn't been launched in India yet, but I was fortunate enough to have a whiff of it from a friend to whom the sample was sent by an aunt abroad.I was smitten and my olfactories almost had an orgasm. And that had nothing to do with me being on a moving train.
I've been scouting online to find out when the said liquid dream is going to be launched in india, but no avail. 'Sunset heat launch in india' threw up 2 half hearted links to the perfume, and the rest 2,92,816 links had to do with 'launch' 'india' and some strange housewifey recipes for the summer.
That can be my monthly birthday gift.I promised you to buy it for me!
HARK! Did i just hear A emit a gasp so strong that the flap of the laptop almost stuck to his mouth? considering Hugo Deep Red was my last birthday present? its ok. You'll get over it. People tend to become increasingly resilient in situations like this. yes? true? yes. Im telling u. I can get A to vouch for that! :)
its exactly 4 hours and 40 minutes until log out time. This positively sucks! btw, i am at work, which you would probably have gathered from my last post.Everyone wants to make plans for sunday,even my team is planning some sad outing next sunday to some amusement park.dont ask me if i'll even CONSIDER going. Me answering this question might prove a tad dangerous coz i MIGHT be meeting the rest of the team at work tomo. same place but thankfully not the same time!

I was just going to say i was bored. AGAIN. Amma came into the room the other day when i was posting my sunday-work-polambals post, and she said "BORED. thats all you kids these days say, im bored. thats such an easy word to use". Excuse me. Do u mean that there was no such a thing as boring some 25,30,45, or even 57 yrs back??? Yeah we all hear the stories about the fun summer vacation at gummadipundi village at father's second cousin's grandma's place, which was so much FUN with some 19 other cousins.Sure it would have definately been fun, im not disputing the fact,but dont tell me there never was an occasional afternoon or two when u dint know what to do,and you had run out of ideas playing seven stones or goli or whatever.There would have been another word for boring,in telugu probably,something none of us modern day city kids know.

Thats not what i want to talk about now. I dont know what to talk about now. Call it a sad post! See..this is what happens when you are at work on a sunday evening!

will post again an hour or so later when im bored again. Me thinks i'l go and get something to eat now.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

God gave us sunday for a reason

OK. Im bored. I dont have work today cause I have to go on SUNDAY to work.Has anyone heard of going to work on sunday?? even GOD had holiday on sunday after creating the earth and trees and light and the rest of it.
And since im going to work on sunday AFTERNOON, i am off today,compensatory as they call it, with nothing better to do,and when all my friends are at work. :(
As you can see, im extremely cheesed off.
Just waiting for Schmetterling to come here so we can have some fun!

Friday, June 29, 2007

tag - as if!!!

Shreya seems to be very excited that ive been tagged. And Rajiv wanted something interesting to read this weekend. "How will i spend my saturday if u are not going to post??", quoting him.OK Rajiv, i know u were TRYING to be sarci, so here it is.

The rules:

1. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.

2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.

3. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

so here goes, 8 random facts about myself, mes amis!

1) I hate people snapping their fingers for no reason.

It irritates me,bugs me,irks me,pisses me off,gets on my nerves when i hear people snapping their fingers. It makes me want to go and rip their fingers off their palms. Strange, i dont remember having similar reactions in play school.

2) I love aavakai.(typical south indian mango pickle)

I have to have aavakai with at least one meal a day. I can have it with dosai for breakfast, rice for lunch and with rotis for dinner. Although onion and chilli pickle come a close second.

3) I always notice a guys feet and hands second. His face first of course.And his clothes. Tight t shirts and jeans are a strict no-no.

They have to be clean with short nails. I cant stand dirty fingers with long nails.Oh yeah, he should wear nice clean shoes too.

4)I was a nail polish freak between class8 and 12.

I had about 60 colours. From bright red to black. Blue,green,yellow,glitter, and all that inbetween. Im SO glad im over that stage and so are my parents.

5)I hate waking up early.

Although, if i do, i'd love to go and watch the sunrise,take a walk,listen to the birds and all that jazz. But that seems like too much of an effort. I wish they day would begin at 12 noon. Although I can compromise with 11 am. Now tell me, what is so special that you can do in the morning that you cant do a few hours later?(other than watch the sunrise.well, bully for you.) HA. u cant think of anything much that matters??? good. my point EXACTLY!

6)I need a dose of chick lit once in a while.

After a hard day at work/college/whatever, its nice to drown urself in a witty,romantic,sweet story where all guys are nice, and bring you flowers and candy and an occasional diamond bracelet.Where they'd rather spend their evening with you than rubbing paws with some grubby guys at some grubby pub drinking beer from glasses that were spit washed. And they'd cook nice yummy dinner while you put up ur tired feet. OF course it goes without saying that he's super rich,gorgeous,makes you laugh,is sensitive,and he has eyes ONLY for you.


7)Although I sometimes behave like I dont care, I am a very sensitive person inside.

Every little thing is dissected and pondered and analysed and mulled over and deliberated upon to the T. Not necessarily to a person as such, but in my head.

8)I love baking.

Be it cake, or cookies, or cheesecake,pudding,brownies or a souffle. I generally like baking from scratch,with flour,sugar,butter,cocoa and all.Not the ready-made mix type. I feel truly happy when everyone loves what i bake and when the little ones want "just one more piece akka!!!"


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Hundred

A little something to think about, which was forwarded to me by a friend.

If the population of the Earth was reduced to that of a small town with 100 people, it would look something like this:

57 Asians
21 Europeans
14 Americans(Northern and Southern)
8 Africans

52 Women, 48 Men

70 Coloured Skins
30 Caucasians
89 Heterosexuals
11 Homosexuals

6 people would own 59% of the whole world wealth and all of them will be from the United States of America.

80 would have bad living conditions.

70 would be uneducated.

50 underfed.

1 would die.

2 would be born.

1 would have a computer.

1 (only one) will have higher education.

When you look at the world from this point of view, you can see there is a real need for solidarity, understanding, patience and education.

Also think about the following:

This morning, if you woke up healthy, then you are happier than the 1 million people that will not survive next week.

If you never suffered a war, the loneliness of the jail cell, the agony of torture,or hunger, you are happier than 500 million people in the world.

If you can enter into a church,mosque, or temple without fear of jail or death, you are happier then 3 billion people i n the world.

If there is a food in your fridge, you have shoes and clothes, you have bed and a roof, you are richer then 75% of the people in th e world .

If you have bank account, money in your wallet and some coins in the money-box, you belong to the 8% of the people on the world, who are well-to-do.

If you read this you are three times blessed because:

1. Somebody just thought of you.
2. You don't belong to the 800 million people who cannot read.
3 .And... you have a computer!

As somebody once said:

Work as if you don't need money,
Love as if you've never been hurt,
Dance, as if nobody can see you,
Sing, as if no one can hear,
Live , as if the Earth was a heaven.

The last bit was a bit too much to take at the end of the mail. A little overboard. But im not going to say anythng silly. Let the words have their effect on you and just say a silent prayer of thanks to your parents and God for making you the way you are.

Monday, June 25, 2007

SO awwwwww!

This is one of the most beautiful poems i've read.It was written by A. i couldnt resist posting it here.

The moon shining bright above,
The sweet wind flowing with love,
And i ride the wind, towards you it blows,
Every second i get closer, my love for you grows.
The trees, the flowers,the mountains bow down,
Seeing you my queen, my heart, your crown;
As the wind gets sets me next to you without a fall,
I'd lay there forever, forever and all.

Needless to say, this wasnt written by me. My poetry is strictly of the 'roses are red,violets are blue' kind. so NATURALLY, this is something that is waaay beyond my poetic ability!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

the sky is the limit - not literally!

This cliche has been exploited(in want of a better word) to the maximum. and im not talking about the weather here, which by the way is AWESOME!!! tell me, who has seen nice,light rainy days in chennai during june??? none i tell u. ask around and see. take a survey, a census, a poll, a vote, a few opinions. This year is different. so different that we are all wondering of the one above has blessed our very own chennai with some good fortune in the likes of the climate this year(yes, i have studied geography and I know the difference between weather and climate). But as they all say I shouldn't say this aloud too much and 'put the evil eye on us'. :-/

What I was actually saying was there are limits to cliches too. Especially if u live in a city which considers itself traditional, and does weird things to make it more 'happening'. Im talking about none other than our pattu podavais(silk sarees).
When they came up with an ulle velliye(inside-outside) saree, we dint say anything. The specialty was that it is one colour when you are inside, and changes colour when you go into the sun. Something i would NEVER wear, but hmmm ok..people do have different tastes.
Next was a saree with a pocket, we dint say anything more than before.After all, it can be kind of useful even though it looks weird. Another store is competing by making matching cell phone pouches with the saree you buy. We can deal with that in some convoluted way.
We thought they exhausted all ideas when they came up with a denim saree(suitable for all ages, quoting the bilboard). The pic was of some hot model wearing this super low saree,sleeveless blouse with tassles, a gun holster and a cowboy hat. She looked like she lost her way from kancheepuram to Kansas(i dont know if kansas is a cowboy town, but it just rhymes. better than saying Kancheepuram to Austin). Probably because even the horse felt embarrassed to be seen with her.
But let me tell you, we were sadly mistaken. This new idea REALLY takes the cake.
This is called jodi pattu(couple silks). Matching silk saree and matching shirt. Silk saree for the wife and a silk shirt for the husband which is the colour of the pallu. The shirt looks so gay, even a gay man wouldnt touch it with a ten foot pole. The picture is of this happy couple with the husband wearing that disgusting shirt with zari down the front. Cream shirt with leaves in gold and embroidery and green zari. GREEN.
Isnt it time someone does something about their warped sense of 'fashion'?? I cant imagine what they would think of next. I cant even think of anything more ridiculous than this to make fun of.
It has some advantages though. In case the husband's shirt gets burnt under the iron or ripped in the wash, all the wife has to do is cut off her pallu and make another shirt for him.
Simple na? all's well that ends well. After all, the sky is the limit.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

new anklets :-) :-(

I bought a new pair of silver anklets today. And i love them. They look kind of traditional, but will still look nice on jeans and whatever else.
What brought about a mixed feeling was that i exchanged my old silver anklets for the new ones. Although i havent worn them for a long, long time now, they were a part of my childhood. Just looking at them made me think of the time when i wore them, those little silver bells on my feet. Those years where nothing much seemed to matter. They just seem like faded sepia photos in my head, ones i so badly want to splash with colour and get them back again. Now, all we have are the videos and photos of us as kids, priceless frozen pieces of time.
The moment I took the anklets out of that satin pouch this evening, before going to the jewellery store, i had such a strange feeling. I was looking at them after such a long time cause they were locked up at the bank ever since they became too small for me.It was as if i was practically holding a part of my childhood, one I am giving away for the next phase of my life(im not talking about the crazy teenage years here).
Those anklets somehow mean more to me than i ever made it out to be.I just probably havent been very vocal about it.
Those were the ones i made my cousin wear when i dressed HIM up as a girl when he was 2 and I, six. Poor thing, he was too small to even understand what i was doing, i happily made him wear a frock,make up, managed to put that little fountain like ponytail on the top of his head and pose for a photograph!!
Needless to say, it is one of my all time favourite photos!
Amma told me i can wear them only tomorrow. Apparently something new shouldnt EVER be done on a tuesday. I have no idea why. Just like I have no idea why we shoudnt cut our nails after 6 PM, or have a haircut on a tue/friday(i forget which one), or ask someone where they are going just before they leave the house, or never sneeze just before u leave to go somewhere.
So from tomorrow, i am going to have pretty silver anklets on my pretty feet.

Monday, June 18, 2007


I dint get mad at anyone the whole day today.i dint get grumpy or irritated or even remotely bugged with anyone. Not even secretly!
Today was pretty much normal. The usual rigmarole.Woke up, went to work, worked of course,got home, went to the tailor to get an absolutely cute top stitched.i hope she deosnt screw it up if not i'l SCREAM.cause it costs more then the skirt i picked it up for. Its true the price of women's clothing is inversely proportional to the lenght of the dress!
just had a nice dinner! curd rice and chips! yeah i know what a simple life i lead. your grandmother would be proud of me.
i shouldnt have shot my mouth off. I am bordering on irritation now! that stupid irctc site is not allowing us to book train tickets. @#$%.

on gtalk right now :

prith :
$#^##^ &I^&I( ^%$$^Q %^#*^#*
here i cant even select the %^#^$ ^& station,,, %$^%$@%$@^

n u wanna plan another $#^ &#%^ trip
$%#%&$^&^%&#%$& *$# 2& %*#%^ @& &@^%&#%&#&^@%^$ $%^%^*& #

clearly i have a slight temper

(btw, i was just planning a goa trip in my head. i dont thnk thats on p's mind right now..

fine... im sure the others would loove the idea >:-P )

ok back to the point.

today was one of those days when u love the world.

when the sun is all bright and nice, just the right amount, a little rain too.

when ur happy to be alive.

when u know nothing can go wrong.

when u just want to smile and laugh and make others happy.

when u feel like this is how life should be.

when u know that everything is going to be back to normal tomo and you'll probably wake up grumpy not wanting to go to work and screaming at the auto guy in the morning. and the tailor calls to tell you that those sequins you wanted are not available anywhere on the face of this earth and not even on mars or venus or wherever they claim women are from.or men for that matter.

yes, we optimists always look at the glass half full.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

salt and saffron

Once upon a time, there were 2 girls. lets call them P and Q. This once upon a time can be now, 50 yrs back or 50 yrs into the future.My mathematical genius of a mind is saying that i am now in the middle of the bell curve( not so what?? ). OK.back to the point. P and Q were happlily living in the city W. P was what u can call a 'homely', 'nice' and all the words associated with 'good girls'. especially in a city like W, which is just about starting to accept there are other things in life than studies, weddings,work and kids. movies, coffee shops, and clubs(oh!!shocking!! do u actually GO there???) are mushrooming around the city. so u can think of a place that has its mixture of kacheri and the 'club culture'. P is from a family that 'protects' their women. going out after 6 PM, wearing jeans, etc are all frowned upon by the elders in the family as foward behaviour."look at this generation" they all say, "the kind of things they do.what is going to happen to their children.they are going to grow up with no culture" is their favourite line, forgetting that their parents said that about them and their parents and the so on till 12 century B.C. although they call themselves 'modern'. "why??whats wrong with us?? we allow our girls to go to college, and work. we also let them have a say in the boy we choose for them. we are very modern. in my time, i dint meet my husband until the wedding day.consider yourself lucky, young woman."

Q was from a 'liberal' family. She was brought up with the same freedom as her brother. She could wear whatever she wants(although no noodle straps as her dad would put it), go out late(not after 10 pm)club once in a while, hang out with her friends.after all everyone has to draw the line somewhere with girls. Her parents trusted her and she dint let them down by having a boyfriend. Boys who are friends are fine. but no BOYFRIEND. and there was no pressure on her as such to get married, although she finished college a year back. "take sometime for yourself till next year" her parents said and she was ok with it. "what more could a girl ask for? she's enjoying herself now.she's not ready to get married. when she is,we'll tell you" said her parsnts.

Now life was all hunky-dory for both the sets of parents, and family, other than the occasional outburst of an argument. nothing that a little emotional blackmail can't put an end to. thats what we all are specialists at aren't we? epecially as we grow older. "is this how you repay your parents after ALL we have done for you?? girls your age should be married. only then it will put you in your place. Thats why they always say you should get your daugheter married early.If you dont, they will start getting too independent".

About the girls. Although P was brought up to be quiet and that jazz, she really enjoyed going out. whether it was movies, an occasional lunch with friends, shopping, she was always the center of attention. she loved cutting ancient history class and watching the first day first show on friday mornings of popular movies. Her quiet demeanour belied her actual self. Although Q hung out with a group who liked to go out and have fun, she was an introvert. She preferred spending time with friends and family instead of saturday night out. Her idea of a good time was reading a book and munching chocolate and having her best friend stay over for the night.

Now, we know what kind of girls P and Q are, what kind of families they have and what kind of a city W is. But do we really KNOW what kind of PEOPLE they are? what they really like? what DO they do for fun? what is it that makes them tick? Has anyone cared to find out? The family and the so called friends and neighbours, 'society' . Not being judgemental is all it takes. Let each person be who they are. Who they ultimetely grow up to be. Of course, discipline has to be instilled as a child. The 'society' we grow up in is confused by itself. Can we meet even one person who knows what he or she wants? or what family wants from him? on one hand they say they want us to be happy and do what we want.But when we do, it is wrong. Who makes these rules? who says that this and that should or shouldnt be done.

At the end of the day there is no prize for being a good woman. Are the ones who did the 'bad' things when they were young living in some godforaken part of the world in shame? they are all either happily married/single/divorced just like the rest of us. Then what is all this fuss about? As long as you dont intentionally harm or hurt anyone, why cant we just BE? Thats all every woman wants, right? To have time for themselves, so that they can get to know who they really are. And not who they HAVE to be. The good girl, the good wife, the good mother.


some quotable quotes from reader's digest... and last month's humour special..

The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly suprised. (this is for the likes of me. at last someone on my side)

they say our mothers really know how to push our buttons - because they installed them. (i'l say.. no wonder V is quietly looking at his school time table now)

You know the best way to double money?Fold it and put it in your pocket.( i have 20!)

I really enjoyed reading the humour special issue. they actually had all these kinds of research and tests done on how people laugh and the chemical reactions taking place in the brain when you laugh. the last thing i would think of doing is analysing what is going on in my brain and what globulariphyn-like things are getting secreted when im enjoying a good joke! and these people were paid to do it. we have neurosurgeons, social workers, psychiatrists and profs doing their Ph.Ds in humour! wow.

this is somethng interesting(from good old RD again) :

Know your laugh :

Harbrigde, cacklers rejoice in others misfortune.

Howlers are attention seekers and often mentally ill.

snorters are prone to feelings of superiority.

sniggers are immature and insensitive.

belly laughers are trustworthy and friendly.

chucklers are kind and introspective.

gigglers are sexual and flirtatious.

now advertisement ishyle i am asking you : What kind of a laugh do YOU have?? :-P

Lifes like that, all in a day's work, and college rags, and the real life funnies are what i really enjoy!

so here's one of my own.

This happened around 10 years back when my brother was 5. He and my grandma were playing snakes and ladders. Needless to say, just like all small boys, V was cheating and aaji was letting him play.Obviously, V was winning. When they finished the first game and were going to start the next, V gave aaji the red coin and took a red one for himself as well.So she asked him "if you and I both use red coins, how will we know who is winning??" without batting an eyelid V answered "oh aaji...thats okay! the one in front that is winning will be mine only!!!!!!!!"

yeah.. one of my favs :-)

Monday, June 11, 2007

want to friendship with u

hey swetty seems gud yarr can v frndz???????????????

can i make friendship with u

Hi i was just bored..............opened orkut.............searched for new buddies...........saw lots of till i found a cute girl..............she was a simple...........gud looking girl.........i couldnt continue searching........i m do i make her my friend.........shall i send her a friend request.........before that i ll message her........yeah thats a good i proceed with lots of questions in my mind.......will she accept?? will she like me.......or will she atleast its upto her to reply......i can feel a smile on her face...........yes she wants to reply........i know for sure.would u like to be my friend...........

hi howz u what do u do ,r u interested for frdship ,decent pen frdship yaar,i know u would feel me as a stranger but even ur frds were strangers too once

hai iam r***** K**** im from tamilnadu i wan tto be ur friend , tell me som ehting ab tu and ur native na.. how r u how s ur studies going o n naaa . i like christian community a lots and also christian true friends so that i scrapp u paaa

hai (this one puts me off no end)

hi this is **** from chennai... do i know u? (the one that they think never fails)

wake up and smell the coffee guys.. do u think we girls are such dimwits to actually even *consider* replying to your lame posts/scraps??? and do u realise that the ones who do are actually guys with a girl's profile. the more number of 'i love chennai/hyd/bangalore girls' communities you see is inversely proportional to the feminity of the profile owner.

do u see me in an 'i love girls community'? no.
do u see schmetterling in an 'i love girls community'? no.
do u see any of us in an 'i love girls community'? no.

there!! now u get the picture dont u??

what really boggles the mind is do u really think these lines 'impress' us? that when we read them we are so enthralled by your verbal prowess that our fingers just fly across the keyboard in our hurry to reply?! relax. looking at ur picture does not make our day. so, just go out there and get to know the people around you. instead of wasting time.

i know its hard when our ravishing beauty and endless wit just might intrigue you even more. i have 2 words for u. ok maybe 3. Deal with it. :)

Saturday, June 9, 2007

lazy saturday

Was the most nicest afternoon yesterday. yummy food for lunch with amma,nana and V. Tomato pulao,boondi raitha,pickled chillies,papad and spiced buttermilk. i made the raitha btw! :D post lunch,we all bundled into nana's huge bed and watched My Fair Lady. although there was a bit of arguing and positon shifting,esp b/w V(who rested his poky head on my leg) and me, i can say the afternoon went off pretty nicely.

You all must be knowing what the movie is about.even if u havent watched it, you definately would have read an excerpt at english class, prolly in class 8 or something. The movie centers around a common flower girl Eliza Doolittle, Prof. Higgins who teaches phonetics and a retired colonel Pickering. Now these 2 brainiacs have a bet. Higgins says he can make Eliza like a lady in 6 months. So the project begins. Gruelling hours everyday making Eliza learn pronounciation and so on and so forth.Prof.Higgins throughout the movie goes on and on about how he would never let a woman in his life. He even sings a couple of songs to elucidate his point furthur(like we dint get the picture already). im not here to rip the movie apart btw. it is a really nice movie. a classic.lovely songs and Audrey Hepburn looks strawberries and cream. what im saying is that all through the movie he calls her names like garbage,ignoramus,guttersnipe and the like. and promptly falls in love with her. and that little fool of an Eliza plunges herself right in, head first. There is nothing sweet about the way he talks to her, he ignores her, and yet she ends up hankering after him.

OK.lets take this one thing at a time.

guys say women are a waste of time, money and everything. u wudnt meet a man on the face of this earth who hasn't joked about it at least once. but they still run after women.

women want men who are sweet, nice, funny, send them flowers once in a while, pamper them, and yet they want the ones who do none of the above!

why?? why would a woman want to spend the rest of her like with a man who says "where are my slippers??" (this is precisely what prof.Higgins asks Eliza when she steps into his house after they profess their 'love' for each other.) Hello. We deserve better than that dont we? Now u guys reading this post dont get all defensive. I know there are a few sweethearts out there,who do all the nice things.( if any of u are 3-4 yrs older,earning a couple of millions each yr,indian,hold ur horses.i'll get you amma's number.she's on the prowl for one of u lot for her darling daughter).

but seriously, what is it about women and chosing the wrong kind of men? is it somethng in our blood that craves to be walked all over? what is it the key to that perfect relationship. at least relatively perfect. does it have to do with the whole 'romance' bit that is there at least in the beginning? or is it about finding the 'right' one who fits your bill? once u get the right 'type', at least half the battle is won there. what about later? the years that go by, the hurtful words thrown about, will the initial 'love' actually take it through? or does it have to do just with the way u handle the other person? these are the million dollar questions that are asked and answered by the so called relationship gurus who would have probably gone through a couple of divorces themselves.

But whatever said and done, men will always go after women, and these silly women will turn right back and run into the arms of one of them with all their notions about a happy life. If only they know 'happy' is just a relative term.

Friday, June 8, 2007


its funny how little things everyday remind u of people u love the most. today, my mom n i were out shopping and she bought some kala jamuns from a vendor on the reminded me of my grandmother,who we all used to call aaji.She used to love them. looking at the colour reminded me of how she used to carefully wash the fruit in dilute potassium permanganate solution to kill the germs.helping her wash jamuns or grapes or whatever was the high point of my day in my 5 year old life. looking at the swirling purple colour of the water and watchng it stain my hand was fun.

its going to be two years since she's gone, but not one day goes by without me thinking about her.

i miss waking up in the morning and u asking me to get ready soon if not i'll miss the bus.

i miss arguing over who should read which book first.

i miss reading 'fried green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe' together.

i miss watching "ithi katha kathu' on Etv just for fun.

i miss watching mindless hindi movies and eating dinner together.

i miss making tea for you in the evenings.

i miss playing solitaire with real cards.

i miss showing my new clothes to you.

i miss trying out bizzare hairstyles and u laughing at them.

i miss u asking me if i am wearing my 'uniform' again when i am in blue jeans and black t-shirt... again!

i miss u asking me to wear a 'bottu'(bindi).

i miss looking at old photographs and laughing at my and R's antics.

i miss listening to stories about nana and everyone when they were small.

i miss talking before going to sleep.

i miss talking about thatha.

i miss u,amma and me eating noodles and soup when nana's away on a trip.

i miss u asking V to eat more vegetables.

i miss u asking me to tie up my hair 'neatly'.

i miss enjoying chocolate with u(even though u could have only a bite).

i miss sitting in your big comfortable chair.

i miss coming back home and finding you there reading your book.

i miss you saying that my short hair looks nice when u actually want me to grow it long.

i miss you telling me to stop streaking my hair or it will become white by the time im thirty.

i miss u teasing me to colour my hair pink and green instead of boring burgundy.

i miss us talking about 'gone with the wind'.

i miss ur smile.

aaji, i hope ur reading my blog right now, and i miss you more than anything.

all of us hope that you and Atha are together and at peace, and give us happiness and strength.for ever and ever.


bought some hummous today. yaay!

as u can see, im the kind that never gives up.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


so we dint have hummous cause it was over by the time we went to subway. and that place is called maison des gourmet.

so i dint find the perfect white kurti. cause stupid fab india decided to have some butt ugly designs. who is their new designer anyway???

so i dint have brandy snaps cause i was too full with the huge subway salad and a cookie :)

and i won a game at work today. i had to tie a tie on a guy with my eyes blindfolded. and i never tied a tie in my life before. i suppose it was the best of the lot. the prize was some weird showpiece of 2 birds and a shrub, but we had more fun bursting the bubble wrap it was packed in.

somehow my dad dint seem too thrilled that i won a prize in a game i had to tie a tie on a guy. i wonder why. hehe.

awww nana.. love u! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

bottom line : hummous

today is one of those days, but then again is evey other day so that doesnt make much of a difference. i dint feel like waking up. snuggled up in the warm blanket with the A/C switched on, work was the last thing on my mind. the day is all pleasant and cool too. a rare day in summer at chennai where the avg temp is about 38C. it was such an effort to force my sleep drugged eyes open and what was the first thought in my mind???

my stupid tailor.

he STILL hasnt finished stitching my clothes!!

have u ever felt like screaming when he doesnt get the right fit of the kameez? i have!

have u ever felt like crying when he stitches nice FAT straps instead of the thin spaghetti ones u asked for??? yes again!

have u ever felt like ripping his eyes apart when he says that the back of your saree blouse will be too low and that it will NOT look nice when u are thinking that 2 inches even lower is actually what u want? and u'd already planned a nice temp tattoo to go with the look???

and feel like stamping your feet and actually do it till ur soles hurt when ur father says how nice that the tailor has fatherly feelings?? @#$%!!! double @#$% when he has a nice laugh.

why in the world cant they keep their stupid opinions to themselves??? they just have to stitch and deliver.

well, enough of that. lets get back to what i was saying.

so i should be outside taking a nice drive along the ECR, going to moonraker's for lunch(which has the most yummy food and nutella pancakes with ice cream) and lounging around in the beach.

or at fisherman's cove.

or at pondicherry.

or a nice brunch and spa massage at the Park.

or at least a nice lie in at home.

as you can see none of the above seems to be happening. im here at work, working of course and posting :(

there is not much of an agenda after work either. i'll prolly go out with A shopping cause its his mom's birthday tomorrow.

what is it about guys and shopping and leaving eveythng to the last minute??? and then agonize on the fact that there is no time? and they need a girl to take them cause they have NO idea what to buy! think boys... THINK. but then again its better off they take a girl and go so that the gift will be liked by the reciever :-P

but it'll still be fun!if we go to spencer's i can have the hummous at maison de gourmet(spelling anyone??!!!) yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!

i can check out fab india and see of they have the PERFECT white kurta with a nice self design, longish sleeves and a wide neck(this is not being TOO specific ok!).

i can have brandy snaps at cookie man.

i can have the salad at subway. or maybe the spicy veg sub.

i heard regal is having a show sale.

what if we dont end up going to spencer's???



Now who the hell is mani u might ask.

Mani??? neha... u NEVER told us! but mani??? is that his name? my girl friends will definately ask. is he tall? is he nice looking? which brings me on to another topic. wud u ever go out with someone with a weird name? not that im sayng mani is weird, but something like....say...ragotamma?? he might be drop dead *gorgeous*, very sweet,thoughtfull, blah blah.. wud u go out with him??? just a thought :)

anyway, before u jump conclusions, Mani is the sweetest dog ever! he's adopted by the isthri kari(ironing lady) on my street and is pampered by everyone. mani is famous around here. all my friends and relatives never fail to yell at mani to get out of the way when he's happliy sleeping in the middle of the road. he practically owns the place. and the poor affected party in the car has to make these precarious turns around the dog and graze the walls to go through.and dear mani is still sleeping.

i dont know what prompted me to write this post. i just feel like it i guess, or maybe because i saw mani eating somethng downstairs! btw, his favourite food is curd rice. i was proudly given this piece of info by the aforementioned isthri kari when mani was walking me back from the college bus to home. this was a regular feature ever since mani came to live this side.Right through class 11,12 and college mani would walk me to the school van/college bus to and from home. i like to think of this as a nice peaceful walk and thinking time!

i know most of u must be thinking im nuts to be writing about mani. especially A. but there are somethings u cant explain!

so next time you're around here somethere, dont forget to give mani a shout!

this whole things reminds me of a song i learnt in school.

How much is that doggie in the window? (arf! arf!)
The one with the waggley tail
How much is that doggie in the window? (arf! arf!)
I do hope that doggie's for sale

I must take a trip to California
And leave my poor sweetheart alone
If he has a dog, he won't be lonesome
And the doggie will have a good home

How much is that doggie in the window? (arf! arf!)
The one with the waggley tail
How much is that doggie in the window? (arf! arf!)
I do hope that doggie's for sale

I read in the paper there are robbers (roof! roof!)
With flashlights that shine in the dark
My love needs a doggie to protect him
And scare them away with one bark
I don't want a bunny or a kitty
I don't want a parrot that talks
I don't want a bowl of little fishies
He can't take a goldfish for a walk

How much is that doggie in the window? (arf! arf!)
The one with the waggley tail
How much is that doggie in the window? (arf! arf!)I
do hope that doggie's for sale
I do hope that doggie's for sale

kind of has a melancholy ring to it doesnt it?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

this took a while

Im here..finally! yaay! :)

i know this took a while in coming, but now that im here...umm..well, be prepared for the *randomest* of all blogs.

so schmetter-whatever-ling, have u linked me in ur blog yet??

now, im tired and sleepy after driving my brother and his friend to freez zone (its this awesome ice cream shop for u losers who dont live in chennai) i just want to hit the sack. so no profound thoughts/posts/writings from me today! btw, i just had a butterscotch milkshake for the first time. i usually dont have butterscotch but i tried it today after it being heavily recommended by a colleague. cant say that i was disappointed. but chocolate still ROCKS. especially vanilla ice cream with gooey chocolate sauce and choco chips, with nuts. now wipe that drool off ur chin. ewwwww.

till next time then. which will prolly be tomorrow given the initial excitement and all!