Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunset heat

Im in love. And the product(not the man)in question is the new fragrance by ESCADA, Sunset Heat .D R E A M Y. It smells of summer.of the tropics.of light mauvy(i DO have poetic licence.When was the last time YOU checked?)flowers.a little fruity, a little spicy. Reminds me of amber.
SH hasn't been launched in India yet, but I was fortunate enough to have a whiff of it from a friend to whom the sample was sent by an aunt abroad.I was smitten and my olfactories almost had an orgasm. And that had nothing to do with me being on a moving train.
I've been scouting online to find out when the said liquid dream is going to be launched in india, but no avail. 'Sunset heat launch in india' threw up 2 half hearted links to the perfume, and the rest 2,92,816 links had to do with 'launch' 'india' and some strange housewifey recipes for the summer.
That can be my monthly birthday gift.I promised you to buy it for me!
HARK! Did i just hear A emit a gasp so strong that the flap of the laptop almost stuck to his mouth? considering Hugo Deep Red was my last birthday present? its ok. You'll get over it. People tend to become increasingly resilient in situations like this. yes? true? yes. Im telling u. I can get A to vouch for that! :)


Schmetterling said...

In case you haven't been reading, I went and bought myself a bottle of Deep Red. Still not very excited about it. Escada eh? It's time to go perfume hunting when I get back. Don't tempt me.

Schmetterling said...

The last Escada I liked was called Free Spirit. They launched and unlaunched it faster than I could say Ahhhhh, don't stop. In lines with the big O and the olfactory organs. Except just not olfactory related :D

Ne said...

we'll prolly be meeting up with prith and sonia sometime, she has that sample bottle! :)

Sri said...

hmm.. monthly birthday gift!! tats a one new word for the day fr me :P

Parvathi said...

I've never been an escada fan but Hugo boss...completely :-)

Ne said...

@parvathi - i strongly recommend u start off wit sunset heat! as u would have gathered, i louuve it! :D