Monday, July 16, 2007

teens today - special edition

Did i ACTUALLY name this post teens today? considering i was a teen myself a couple of years back?? Maybe this had something to do with the fact that I took my 15 yr old brother shopping yesteray. He took me to this 'cool' place, and 1600 bucks later(rather poorer), we marched out of the shop armed with a couple of linkin park and eminem t shirts,posters and an eminem key chain.
Now,im not against all these so called 'happening' accessories, but this is my baby brother we're talking about! he's going through the black phase. Loose blue jeans and Big black t shirts comprise most of his wardrobe. I remember when I was in class 11 what the 'cool' boys wore. Is he one of them? A part of the 'in' crowd?? what do those girls think? listening to Metallica,Nickelback and Guns n Roses.
Its just a little hard for me to digest that he's not that sweet little thing running around in shorts anymore! he hasnt been for a while now, but still. Especially when he's some 7" taller than me and looks down and says "akka.when did u stop growing?class 7??"
So now I have 2 huge posters staring at me.Eminem's is giving me this try-and-stop-me look with dynamite in his hand and I dont quite know what iron maiden is trying to convey. He's wearing this grotesque mask with an ugly smile to boot,grinning at the world screaming run to the hills. WHY?? Beats me.
So from now,these people are going to be an integral part of my line of sight(LOS.i remember my physics :D) they'd BETTER be. especially since those damn posters were @#$%ing expensive.


Prashanth said...

i have a hanuman swami poster in my room, does that make me as cool as your bro??
i do have a nice simpsons poster- homer portrayed in edvard munch's the scream paintin...

Ne said...

well, maybe! now that ur 23,u r not governed by the so called self-proclaimed happening group!