Sunday, July 29, 2007


U should have guessed from the Roald Dahl-ish title that this post is about absolutely yummy food.And the Chef(s) in question are Shreya and of course, Yours Truly!Our Sous chef was Amma,telling us which dal was which and how much water to pour for the rice. I know this post took a while in coming especially since the said feast was a few days back, but with my hectic social life and all...u get the drift right?! *sigh* the woes of being a social butterfly :D
So we started out making red and yellow bell pepper pulao(read : coloured capsicum) which turned out very pretty looking,followed with panneer masala patties shallow fried,aloo gobi curry,dal,boondi raitha.
We started out with a nice little shock when we paid 44 bucks for four capsicum.just because they were coloured.
Other than that things went on pretty smooth. This time we remembered to wash the rice.We somehow dint think we needed to the last time we made pulao since the rice was in a nice fancy basmati packet.extra long grain!It directly went into the rice cooker.Shreya and I were happily eating when after the first spoonful my dad asked us if we washed the rice. So this time,needless to say we were the butt of a lot of jokes. A fresh one everytime I went to the room to ask a 'doubt'. "Dont forget to wash all traces of soap neha.HAHAHAHAHA" :-|
The first few shallow fried panneer patties were a little squashed but we got the hang of it after that and they were awesome! Lightly brown and marinated in masala made from scratch. The aloo gobi and the dal were lovely.wholesome and nice,as our very own german butterfly put it.
We rounded it off with extra fudge chocolate brownie and ice cream,home made again.
Now you can imagine how our satiated selves felt. A nice drive to the beach after dinner was truly icing on the cake.
A should thank his stars I cook well! :)


Anand said...

Oh stars!! thank you for shinig so wonderfully down upon this beloved earth! :D

Brat said...

I never wash rice before putting it in the cooker, it takes too much time and effort ;-)

Ne said...

@anand - grr.

@brat - u wud if if u buy the rice in india. They probably wud be stamped upon and laid out on the road for the husk to come off in the villages,before packaging.
so,next time,remember this post.hehe.