Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Are Indian men the most unchivalrous?

Sunday, July 29, 2007


U should have guessed from the Roald Dahl-ish title that this post is about absolutely yummy food.And the Chef(s) in question are Shreya and of course, Yours Truly!Our Sous chef was Amma,telling us which dal was which and how much water to pour for the rice. I know this post took a while in coming especially since the said feast was a few days back, but with my hectic social life and all...u get the drift right?! *sigh* the woes of being a social butterfly :D
So we started out making red and yellow bell pepper pulao(read : coloured capsicum) which turned out very pretty looking,followed with panneer masala patties shallow fried,aloo gobi curry,dal,boondi raitha.
We started out with a nice little shock when we paid 44 bucks for four capsicum.just because they were coloured.
Other than that things went on pretty smooth. This time we remembered to wash the rice.We somehow dint think we needed to the last time we made pulao since the rice was in a nice fancy basmati packet.extra long grain!It directly went into the rice cooker.Shreya and I were happily eating when after the first spoonful my dad asked us if we washed the rice. So this time,needless to say we were the butt of a lot of jokes. A fresh one everytime I went to the room to ask a 'doubt'. "Dont forget to wash all traces of soap neha.HAHAHAHAHA" :-|
The first few shallow fried panneer patties were a little squashed but we got the hang of it after that and they were awesome! Lightly brown and marinated in masala made from scratch. The aloo gobi and the dal were lovely.wholesome and nice,as our very own german butterfly put it.
We rounded it off with extra fudge chocolate brownie and ice cream,home made again.
Now you can imagine how our satiated selves felt. A nice drive to the beach after dinner was truly icing on the cake.
A should thank his stars I cook well! :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

teens today - special edition

Did i ACTUALLY name this post teens today? considering i was a teen myself a couple of years back?? Maybe this had something to do with the fact that I took my 15 yr old brother shopping yesteray. He took me to this 'cool' place, and 1600 bucks later(rather poorer), we marched out of the shop armed with a couple of linkin park and eminem t shirts,posters and an eminem key chain.
Now,im not against all these so called 'happening' accessories, but this is my baby brother we're talking about! he's going through the black phase. Loose blue jeans and Big black t shirts comprise most of his wardrobe. I remember when I was in class 11 what the 'cool' boys wore. Is he one of them? A part of the 'in' crowd?? what do those girls think? listening to Metallica,Nickelback and Guns n Roses.
Its just a little hard for me to digest that he's not that sweet little thing running around in shorts anymore! he hasnt been for a while now, but still. Especially when he's some 7" taller than me and looks down and says "akka.when did u stop growing?class 7??"
So now I have 2 huge posters staring at me.Eminem's is giving me this try-and-stop-me look with dynamite in his hand and I dont quite know what iron maiden is trying to convey. He's wearing this grotesque mask with an ugly smile to boot,grinning at the world screaming run to the hills. WHY?? Beats me.
So from now,these people are going to be an integral part of my line of sight(LOS.i remember my physics :D) they'd BETTER be. especially since those damn posters were @#$%ing expensive.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunset heat

Im in love. And the product(not the man)in question is the new fragrance by ESCADA, Sunset Heat .D R E A M Y. It smells of summer.of the tropics.of light mauvy(i DO have poetic licence.When was the last time YOU checked?)flowers.a little fruity, a little spicy. Reminds me of amber.
SH hasn't been launched in India yet, but I was fortunate enough to have a whiff of it from a friend to whom the sample was sent by an aunt abroad.I was smitten and my olfactories almost had an orgasm. And that had nothing to do with me being on a moving train.
I've been scouting online to find out when the said liquid dream is going to be launched in india, but no avail. 'Sunset heat launch in india' threw up 2 half hearted links to the perfume, and the rest 2,92,816 links had to do with 'launch' 'india' and some strange housewifey recipes for the summer.
That can be my monthly birthday gift.I promised you to buy it for me!
HARK! Did i just hear A emit a gasp so strong that the flap of the laptop almost stuck to his mouth? considering Hugo Deep Red was my last birthday present? its ok. You'll get over it. People tend to become increasingly resilient in situations like this. yes? true? yes. Im telling u. I can get A to vouch for that! :)
its exactly 4 hours and 40 minutes until log out time. This positively sucks! btw, i am at work, which you would probably have gathered from my last post.Everyone wants to make plans for sunday,even my team is planning some sad outing next sunday to some amusement park.dont ask me if i'll even CONSIDER going. Me answering this question might prove a tad dangerous coz i MIGHT be meeting the rest of the team at work tomo. same place but thankfully not the same time!

I was just going to say i was bored. AGAIN. Amma came into the room the other day when i was posting my sunday-work-polambals post, and she said "BORED. thats all you kids these days say, im bored. thats such an easy word to use". Excuse me. Do u mean that there was no such a thing as boring some 25,30,45, or even 57 yrs back??? Yeah we all hear the stories about the fun summer vacation at gummadipundi village at father's second cousin's grandma's place, which was so much FUN with some 19 other cousins.Sure it would have definately been fun, im not disputing the fact,but dont tell me there never was an occasional afternoon or two when u dint know what to do,and you had run out of ideas playing seven stones or goli or whatever.There would have been another word for boring,in telugu probably,something none of us modern day city kids know.

Thats not what i want to talk about now. I dont know what to talk about now. Call it a sad post! See..this is what happens when you are at work on a sunday evening!

will post again an hour or so later when im bored again. Me thinks i'l go and get something to eat now.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

God gave us sunday for a reason

OK. Im bored. I dont have work today cause I have to go on SUNDAY to work.Has anyone heard of going to work on sunday?? even GOD had holiday on sunday after creating the earth and trees and light and the rest of it.
And since im going to work on sunday AFTERNOON, i am off today,compensatory as they call it, with nothing better to do,and when all my friends are at work. :(
As you can see, im extremely cheesed off.
Just waiting for Schmetterling to come here so we can have some fun!