Friday, August 29, 2008

The weather today is sooooo good. Its light and rainy and pleasant. It should be against the law to work on days like this. Right now, all I want to do it go on a long drive on ECR. For the uninitiated, its the East Coast Road along the beach from Chennai to Pondicherry. Today's the day for laziness, to stay curled up in bed with the comforter wrapped around you.. all fluffiness and pillows. To wake up to some nice coffee and read a book. To have someone to cuddle up to and take long walks.


The French Vanilla Cappuccino helped some. :-)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I had this conversation with someone I knew yesterday and its been running in my mind since then. Someone made a snide comment yesterday and it kind of hurt my feelings. Especially since I was being genuine about something and it took me by surprise. Later in the evening I confided in a friend and we were talking about it, and I just let it go. Mostly because we came to the conclusion that the said person dint mean any harm and that's just a part of their nature. What I just don't understand is how can people talk without thinking? Its not like we are kids anymore and we just say things for the heck of it. Even though they might have been brought up in a different culture and a place that is no excuse for such talk and behavior. I might have let it go if it was the first time, but I noticed that Its a habit and it puts people in awkward situation when s/he makes an open ended statement in front of everyone. These kind of silly baseless statements have really started getting to me.

Or maybe its just me? Am I getting less tolerant towards such talk? I find myself getting increasingly irritated with people making conversation and saying things because they can find nothing else to talk about. The worst part is, its not that s/he is just an acquaintance that I should let it go, but not close enough to tell them the truth. I guess I'll just let it go. Maybe only time will teach and they will (hopefully) grow mentally and learn what to and what not to say to certain people.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I really don't know what to say when I read this today.

All that needs to be done to avoid such incidents is basic safety precautions. A small sign saying "Please do not cross the tracks" does not suffice. Thousands of people commute by the local trains everyday. We used to travel to and from college by train. I confess I did cross the tracks a couple of times but most of the time I made it a point to use the over head bridge. This is really scary, especially since I know people who took to crossing the rail tracks all the time completely neglecting the over head bridge.

I really can't do anything much sitting all the way here, but I would like to put my 2 cents worth and tell everyone..Please use the foot bridge when you travel by the local trains in chennai.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh well, here I am on a wednesday night and its 11. 10 pm. As usual, this morning I decided to sleep early tonight and it isn't happening. Im such an owl. I also need to go to the library and get some new books. With my hectic schedule I haven't really had the time to do anything.

Its Hema's wedding today. I guess by this time they would have finished the ceremony and everything. I am slowly coming to terms with everyone getting married. Its no longer who's 'going out with' who. Its more of when and where is the wedding type of thing.Life. :) I SO wish I was there right now.

This is for you Hema.. A BIG hug and lots and lots of love from me. All the best for everything. Love you lots. And love you Aishu,Scoob and Aarthi who are there with her now. Photoshop me there right next to you guys. *mmuah*

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just... there!

Contrary to my last couple of posts, I don't have much to say. No inner thoughts, rants,contemplations.. nothing! Which is a refreshing change. My brain is being used for other things right now, so you have a very overworked Ne staring at the screen not having much to write about. Everyday is a mad rush to get to school, to catch the 7 17 bus and start work. Everyday we decide to sleep early, but never happens. Everyday I decide to do this much of work but there is more piling up waiting for me tomorrow. Weekends are packed with either a hundred people wanting to do a hundred things, or absolutely nothing to do. I can do with some nothing for a little while. It looks like the summer is more hectic than my semester with full time work at school.

Otherwise, I've been getting pretty bad reviews of 'Singh is Kinng' so decided to give it a miss. Not even going to take the effort of watching it online. When I saw the promos and the hype it dint quite go down too well with me to begin with so its alright.

Its just tuesday and I'm already counting the days to the weekend. Its like I'm living for saturdays and sundays to come.

H and her parents went to my place to invite the parental unit for her wedding. I'm feeling terrible I'm missing it. I've known her since we were 9. Through fights, growing up, funny clothes and hair, stay overs, make overs, height comparisons, long phone conversations, exams, tensions, love life(s), moving out of home and whole lot of others. When I miss all these things, it makes me wonder if all what I'm doing is worth it? I'm missing home, my parents, my friends, girl stuff. But I love it here too. I'm really happy to be here and I'm discovering a side to myself I dint know existed. And its been just 9 months since I've left home.

Not-so-Little brother decides to chuck his psp and learn the guitar instead. And also complimented me on my hair. Interesting. When I heard it I was speechless for a whole minute. His days usually comprised of calling me names and showing his affection in similar ways. So when he told me he is wants to do something 'productive' with his time like learning to play a new instrument, I was really happy with this change. I hear he's around 6 ft tall now too. Someone's growing up. Personally, me thinks he and his friends found out that girls like guys who play the guitar and sing and stuff. He's a big boi.

And then he told me he ate roti and jam for dinner. :-)

Friday, August 8, 2008


According to, this is what I am supposed to more than 2 words.One of my friends likes these fun word things, came across this link, and entered my blog URL to see what is generated.

This page is supposed to describe me. figure it out. figure me out. I'm still trying. :-)

Friday, August 1, 2008


Sometimes I don't want to talk.
Sometimes I don't want to listen to your incessant talk.
Sometimes I don't want to have meaningless conversation.
Sometimes I don't want to to talk about other people and their lives.
Sometimes I don't want to be a part of anything.
Sometimes I don't want to think.
Sometimes I don't want to laugh or smile or be nice. or answer stupid questions.
Sometimes I don't want to pretend everything is alright.
Sometimes I don't want to just have to do what they tell me to.
Sometimes I don't want to be there.
Sometimes I do want to be left alone. Sometimes I don't.
Sometimes I want to be a part of everything. Sometimes I don't.
Sometimes I just want to lie there and wait. for what? I don't really know.
Sometimes I want to just be. Sometimes I am..jaded.