Friday, August 29, 2008

The weather today is sooooo good. Its light and rainy and pleasant. It should be against the law to work on days like this. Right now, all I want to do it go on a long drive on ECR. For the uninitiated, its the East Coast Road along the beach from Chennai to Pondicherry. Today's the day for laziness, to stay curled up in bed with the comforter wrapped around you.. all fluffiness and pillows. To wake up to some nice coffee and read a book. To have someone to cuddle up to and take long walks.


The French Vanilla Cappuccino helped some. :-)


adi said...


Why remind such niceties of life? Went to Ben & Jerrys at 10.04[m and they said they are gonna close. WTF! Not like our place. Walk into Movenpick after 10.30...Cha. Wastu..

Ne said...

@adi - *sigh*

Bg said...

French Vanilla Capuccino -my fav :). it really keeps up my spirits!!