Friday, August 8, 2008


According to, this is what I am supposed to more than 2 words.One of my friends likes these fun word things, came across this link, and entered my blog URL to see what is generated.

This page is supposed to describe me. figure it out. figure me out. I'm still trying. :-)


Fatema said...

me likey :)

correction though: its not

Brat said...

The page doesn't signify you, it just throws frequently used words at you in the form of a tag cloud! ;-)

Ne said...

oh, yes. my bad. :) will change it now.

@brat - Well, yes.. but the most frequently used words are 'supposed' to describe me or something to that extent. go figure. :D

Schmetterling said...

yesterday was spent fruitfully on by me, lesley and daniela at work - for about four hours. well done.