Thursday, August 28, 2008

I had this conversation with someone I knew yesterday and its been running in my mind since then. Someone made a snide comment yesterday and it kind of hurt my feelings. Especially since I was being genuine about something and it took me by surprise. Later in the evening I confided in a friend and we were talking about it, and I just let it go. Mostly because we came to the conclusion that the said person dint mean any harm and that's just a part of their nature. What I just don't understand is how can people talk without thinking? Its not like we are kids anymore and we just say things for the heck of it. Even though they might have been brought up in a different culture and a place that is no excuse for such talk and behavior. I might have let it go if it was the first time, but I noticed that Its a habit and it puts people in awkward situation when s/he makes an open ended statement in front of everyone. These kind of silly baseless statements have really started getting to me.

Or maybe its just me? Am I getting less tolerant towards such talk? I find myself getting increasingly irritated with people making conversation and saying things because they can find nothing else to talk about. The worst part is, its not that s/he is just an acquaintance that I should let it go, but not close enough to tell them the truth. I guess I'll just let it go. Maybe only time will teach and they will (hopefully) grow mentally and learn what to and what not to say to certain people.

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