Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just... there!

Contrary to my last couple of posts, I don't have much to say. No inner thoughts, rants,contemplations.. nothing! Which is a refreshing change. My brain is being used for other things right now, so you have a very overworked Ne staring at the screen not having much to write about. Everyday is a mad rush to get to school, to catch the 7 17 bus and start work. Everyday we decide to sleep early, but never happens. Everyday I decide to do this much of work but there is more piling up waiting for me tomorrow. Weekends are packed with either a hundred people wanting to do a hundred things, or absolutely nothing to do. I can do with some nothing for a little while. It looks like the summer is more hectic than my semester with full time work at school.

Otherwise, I've been getting pretty bad reviews of 'Singh is Kinng' so decided to give it a miss. Not even going to take the effort of watching it online. When I saw the promos and the hype it dint quite go down too well with me to begin with so its alright.

Its just tuesday and I'm already counting the days to the weekend. Its like I'm living for saturdays and sundays to come.

H and her parents went to my place to invite the parental unit for her wedding. I'm feeling terrible I'm missing it. I've known her since we were 9. Through fights, growing up, funny clothes and hair, stay overs, make overs, height comparisons, long phone conversations, exams, tensions, love life(s), moving out of home and whole lot of others. When I miss all these things, it makes me wonder if all what I'm doing is worth it? I'm missing home, my parents, my friends, girl stuff. But I love it here too. I'm really happy to be here and I'm discovering a side to myself I dint know existed. And its been just 9 months since I've left home.

Not-so-Little brother decides to chuck his psp and learn the guitar instead. And also complimented me on my hair. Interesting. When I heard it I was speechless for a whole minute. His days usually comprised of calling me names and showing his affection in similar ways. So when he told me he is wants to do something 'productive' with his time like learning to play a new instrument, I was really happy with this change. I hear he's around 6 ft tall now too. Someone's growing up. Personally, me thinks he and his friends found out that girls like guys who play the guitar and sing and stuff. He's a big boi.

And then he told me he ate roti and jam for dinner. :-)


Bg said...

roti and kissan mixed fruit jam .. yummm!! :-)
Did u get to read tht book?

Brat said...

You, my friend, need to go on a vacation! ;-)

Ne said...

@bg - I actually read that book long back in India itself!! :-)

@brat - yes, yes I do!!! :D