Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to school

Technically the day before yesterday was the first day of the fall semester and we're back at school. After a summer(??) of 40 hours of work a week on campus, I was looking forward to half the work and classes. The fact that I dint have to take the 7 15 bus in the morning itself was enough to make me smile. So I woke up this morning late and happy, but then I dint have to go to school till the afternoon. I was actually bored. I dint like the nothingness of the morning and was feeling so bleurgh. Why? Why did I miss going to school in the morning when every morning was spent complaining, cursing and whining? Not just me, but by my room mates as well. It was something like how I used to wait and wait for the summer holidays and then get bored after a few days. There is something about work that makes you miss it when you have none!

Now its back to the grind of assignments,reading and writing. I have all these strategic management type courses this time and it looks like I have a lot of work cut out for me. Reading all these cases and stuff. Exciting yes, tough yes. My mind hasn't yet started adapting to the management way of thinking.. but I'm getting there.. I know I am! (yes, positive thinking works).

The parental unit seems to be missing their darling daughter a lot these days. Calls everyday and stuff. Wonder why! :-) Yes parents.. me is missing you too. And the brother as well. Much loouve and big kissies from me! <3


Brat said...

OMG.....7:15 A.M.? Are you serious? The earliest I ever woke up when I was in school was at 10:00 A.M., and that was on one day of the week! :D

Ne said...


i think therefore i am said...

sucks to be back no?? I am blundering my way through

Ne said...

@i think - Back to classes and assignments. I'm blundering my way through reading about some crappy prediction markets.sigh.