Sunday, July 8, 2007

its exactly 4 hours and 40 minutes until log out time. This positively sucks! btw, i am at work, which you would probably have gathered from my last post.Everyone wants to make plans for sunday,even my team is planning some sad outing next sunday to some amusement park.dont ask me if i'll even CONSIDER going. Me answering this question might prove a tad dangerous coz i MIGHT be meeting the rest of the team at work tomo. same place but thankfully not the same time!

I was just going to say i was bored. AGAIN. Amma came into the room the other day when i was posting my sunday-work-polambals post, and she said "BORED. thats all you kids these days say, im bored. thats such an easy word to use". Excuse me. Do u mean that there was no such a thing as boring some 25,30,45, or even 57 yrs back??? Yeah we all hear the stories about the fun summer vacation at gummadipundi village at father's second cousin's grandma's place, which was so much FUN with some 19 other cousins.Sure it would have definately been fun, im not disputing the fact,but dont tell me there never was an occasional afternoon or two when u dint know what to do,and you had run out of ideas playing seven stones or goli or whatever.There would have been another word for boring,in telugu probably,something none of us modern day city kids know.

Thats not what i want to talk about now. I dont know what to talk about now. Call it a sad post! See..this is what happens when you are at work on a sunday evening!

will post again an hour or so later when im bored again. Me thinks i'l go and get something to eat now.


Schmetterling said...

Muahahaha. No wonder I got that surprise phone call. But forty five minutes into it, I hope you're a lot less bored :D

Ne said...

i bet ur having fun at shonar banlga or maurya or wherever u are. i just had a brownie! :-P