Thursday, June 14, 2007


some quotable quotes from reader's digest... and last month's humour special..

The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly suprised. (this is for the likes of me. at last someone on my side)

they say our mothers really know how to push our buttons - because they installed them. (i'l say.. no wonder V is quietly looking at his school time table now)

You know the best way to double money?Fold it and put it in your pocket.( i have 20!)

I really enjoyed reading the humour special issue. they actually had all these kinds of research and tests done on how people laugh and the chemical reactions taking place in the brain when you laugh. the last thing i would think of doing is analysing what is going on in my brain and what globulariphyn-like things are getting secreted when im enjoying a good joke! and these people were paid to do it. we have neurosurgeons, social workers, psychiatrists and profs doing their Ph.Ds in humour! wow.

this is somethng interesting(from good old RD again) :

Know your laugh :

Harbrigde, cacklers rejoice in others misfortune.

Howlers are attention seekers and often mentally ill.

snorters are prone to feelings of superiority.

sniggers are immature and insensitive.

belly laughers are trustworthy and friendly.

chucklers are kind and introspective.

gigglers are sexual and flirtatious.

now advertisement ishyle i am asking you : What kind of a laugh do YOU have?? :-P

Lifes like that, all in a day's work, and college rags, and the real life funnies are what i really enjoy!

so here's one of my own.

This happened around 10 years back when my brother was 5. He and my grandma were playing snakes and ladders. Needless to say, just like all small boys, V was cheating and aaji was letting him play.Obviously, V was winning. When they finished the first game and were going to start the next, V gave aaji the red coin and took a red one for himself as well.So she asked him "if you and I both use red coins, how will we know who is winning??" without batting an eyelid V answered "oh aaji...thats okay! the one in front that is winning will be mine only!!!!!!!!"

yeah.. one of my favs :-)

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