Wednesday, June 6, 2007

bottom line : hummous

today is one of those days, but then again is evey other day so that doesnt make much of a difference. i dint feel like waking up. snuggled up in the warm blanket with the A/C switched on, work was the last thing on my mind. the day is all pleasant and cool too. a rare day in summer at chennai where the avg temp is about 38C. it was such an effort to force my sleep drugged eyes open and what was the first thought in my mind???

my stupid tailor.

he STILL hasnt finished stitching my clothes!!

have u ever felt like screaming when he doesnt get the right fit of the kameez? i have!

have u ever felt like crying when he stitches nice FAT straps instead of the thin spaghetti ones u asked for??? yes again!

have u ever felt like ripping his eyes apart when he says that the back of your saree blouse will be too low and that it will NOT look nice when u are thinking that 2 inches even lower is actually what u want? and u'd already planned a nice temp tattoo to go with the look???

and feel like stamping your feet and actually do it till ur soles hurt when ur father says how nice that the tailor has fatherly feelings?? @#$%!!! double @#$% when he has a nice laugh.

why in the world cant they keep their stupid opinions to themselves??? they just have to stitch and deliver.

well, enough of that. lets get back to what i was saying.

so i should be outside taking a nice drive along the ECR, going to moonraker's for lunch(which has the most yummy food and nutella pancakes with ice cream) and lounging around in the beach.

or at fisherman's cove.

or at pondicherry.

or a nice brunch and spa massage at the Park.

or at least a nice lie in at home.

as you can see none of the above seems to be happening. im here at work, working of course and posting :(

there is not much of an agenda after work either. i'll prolly go out with A shopping cause its his mom's birthday tomorrow.

what is it about guys and shopping and leaving eveythng to the last minute??? and then agonize on the fact that there is no time? and they need a girl to take them cause they have NO idea what to buy! think boys... THINK. but then again its better off they take a girl and go so that the gift will be liked by the reciever :-P

but it'll still be fun!if we go to spencer's i can have the hummous at maison de gourmet(spelling anyone??!!!) yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!

i can check out fab india and see of they have the PERFECT white kurta with a nice self design, longish sleeves and a wide neck(this is not being TOO specific ok!).

i can have brandy snaps at cookie man.

i can have the salad at subway. or maybe the spicy veg sub.

i heard regal is having a show sale.

what if we dont end up going to spencer's???



Prashanth said...

neh, u can write da... making the most inane and boring everyday things into a post... bravo, bravo.. Now i know how come u did well in all the theory papers in college..

Ne said...

very funny.. but then again, u do have a point! filling out 42 pages is not a joke. im sure they had fun reading it! :-P