Friday, June 8, 2007


its funny how little things everyday remind u of people u love the most. today, my mom n i were out shopping and she bought some kala jamuns from a vendor on the reminded me of my grandmother,who we all used to call aaji.She used to love them. looking at the colour reminded me of how she used to carefully wash the fruit in dilute potassium permanganate solution to kill the germs.helping her wash jamuns or grapes or whatever was the high point of my day in my 5 year old life. looking at the swirling purple colour of the water and watchng it stain my hand was fun.

its going to be two years since she's gone, but not one day goes by without me thinking about her.

i miss waking up in the morning and u asking me to get ready soon if not i'll miss the bus.

i miss arguing over who should read which book first.

i miss reading 'fried green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe' together.

i miss watching "ithi katha kathu' on Etv just for fun.

i miss watching mindless hindi movies and eating dinner together.

i miss making tea for you in the evenings.

i miss playing solitaire with real cards.

i miss showing my new clothes to you.

i miss trying out bizzare hairstyles and u laughing at them.

i miss u asking me if i am wearing my 'uniform' again when i am in blue jeans and black t-shirt... again!

i miss u asking me to wear a 'bottu'(bindi).

i miss looking at old photographs and laughing at my and R's antics.

i miss listening to stories about nana and everyone when they were small.

i miss talking before going to sleep.

i miss talking about thatha.

i miss u,amma and me eating noodles and soup when nana's away on a trip.

i miss u asking V to eat more vegetables.

i miss u asking me to tie up my hair 'neatly'.

i miss enjoying chocolate with u(even though u could have only a bite).

i miss sitting in your big comfortable chair.

i miss coming back home and finding you there reading your book.

i miss you saying that my short hair looks nice when u actually want me to grow it long.

i miss you telling me to stop streaking my hair or it will become white by the time im thirty.

i miss u teasing me to colour my hair pink and green instead of boring burgundy.

i miss us talking about 'gone with the wind'.

i miss ur smile.

aaji, i hope ur reading my blog right now, and i miss you more than anything.

all of us hope that you and Atha are together and at peace, and give us happiness and strength.for ever and ever.


Schmetterling said...

:) {big hug}

Ne said...

right back at you!

Prashanth said...

I ve met her once i think when i was at you place... nice post da...

Swetha said...

a very sweet post..

veekay said...

had to hold back my tears and the lump in my throat!

Ne said...

love u too nana! <3

MG said...

thats really sweet. :) how u remember such small things about ur granny. It seems like it was written by a gal in the 1900s. who is todays world cares about such things. not many.