Thursday, June 21, 2007

the sky is the limit - not literally!

This cliche has been exploited(in want of a better word) to the maximum. and im not talking about the weather here, which by the way is AWESOME!!! tell me, who has seen nice,light rainy days in chennai during june??? none i tell u. ask around and see. take a survey, a census, a poll, a vote, a few opinions. This year is different. so different that we are all wondering of the one above has blessed our very own chennai with some good fortune in the likes of the climate this year(yes, i have studied geography and I know the difference between weather and climate). But as they all say I shouldn't say this aloud too much and 'put the evil eye on us'. :-/

What I was actually saying was there are limits to cliches too. Especially if u live in a city which considers itself traditional, and does weird things to make it more 'happening'. Im talking about none other than our pattu podavais(silk sarees).
When they came up with an ulle velliye(inside-outside) saree, we dint say anything. The specialty was that it is one colour when you are inside, and changes colour when you go into the sun. Something i would NEVER wear, but hmmm ok..people do have different tastes.
Next was a saree with a pocket, we dint say anything more than before.After all, it can be kind of useful even though it looks weird. Another store is competing by making matching cell phone pouches with the saree you buy. We can deal with that in some convoluted way.
We thought they exhausted all ideas when they came up with a denim saree(suitable for all ages, quoting the bilboard). The pic was of some hot model wearing this super low saree,sleeveless blouse with tassles, a gun holster and a cowboy hat. She looked like she lost her way from kancheepuram to Kansas(i dont know if kansas is a cowboy town, but it just rhymes. better than saying Kancheepuram to Austin). Probably because even the horse felt embarrassed to be seen with her.
But let me tell you, we were sadly mistaken. This new idea REALLY takes the cake.
This is called jodi pattu(couple silks). Matching silk saree and matching shirt. Silk saree for the wife and a silk shirt for the husband which is the colour of the pallu. The shirt looks so gay, even a gay man wouldnt touch it with a ten foot pole. The picture is of this happy couple with the husband wearing that disgusting shirt with zari down the front. Cream shirt with leaves in gold and embroidery and green zari. GREEN.
Isnt it time someone does something about their warped sense of 'fashion'?? I cant imagine what they would think of next. I cant even think of anything more ridiculous than this to make fun of.
It has some advantages though. In case the husband's shirt gets burnt under the iron or ripped in the wash, all the wife has to do is cut off her pallu and make another shirt for him.
Simple na? all's well that ends well. After all, the sky is the limit.


Schmetterling said...

haha loving the saree update!!

Ne said...

u cant miss them grinning-powdered-pattu faces here sweets!