Monday, June 25, 2007

SO awwwwww!

This is one of the most beautiful poems i've read.It was written by A. i couldnt resist posting it here.

The moon shining bright above,
The sweet wind flowing with love,
And i ride the wind, towards you it blows,
Every second i get closer, my love for you grows.
The trees, the flowers,the mountains bow down,
Seeing you my queen, my heart, your crown;
As the wind gets sets me next to you without a fall,
I'd lay there forever, forever and all.

Needless to say, this wasnt written by me. My poetry is strictly of the 'roses are red,violets are blue' kind. so NATURALLY, this is something that is waaay beyond my poetic ability!


Swetha said...

very sweet poem da..

Schmetterling said...

so beautiful. I once wrote a poem called To you, on such similar lines and settings. Only I can't find it anymore.

Ne said...

swetha, enable access to ur blog!!

iZenMaster said...

A's Poem is good, i am taking advantage of free world and sending this poem to someone :P...obviously i'll mention. SOURCE : A