Saturday, June 9, 2007

lazy saturday

Was the most nicest afternoon yesterday. yummy food for lunch with amma,nana and V. Tomato pulao,boondi raitha,pickled chillies,papad and spiced buttermilk. i made the raitha btw! :D post lunch,we all bundled into nana's huge bed and watched My Fair Lady. although there was a bit of arguing and positon shifting,esp b/w V(who rested his poky head on my leg) and me, i can say the afternoon went off pretty nicely.

You all must be knowing what the movie is about.even if u havent watched it, you definately would have read an excerpt at english class, prolly in class 8 or something. The movie centers around a common flower girl Eliza Doolittle, Prof. Higgins who teaches phonetics and a retired colonel Pickering. Now these 2 brainiacs have a bet. Higgins says he can make Eliza like a lady in 6 months. So the project begins. Gruelling hours everyday making Eliza learn pronounciation and so on and so forth.Prof.Higgins throughout the movie goes on and on about how he would never let a woman in his life. He even sings a couple of songs to elucidate his point furthur(like we dint get the picture already). im not here to rip the movie apart btw. it is a really nice movie. a classic.lovely songs and Audrey Hepburn looks strawberries and cream. what im saying is that all through the movie he calls her names like garbage,ignoramus,guttersnipe and the like. and promptly falls in love with her. and that little fool of an Eliza plunges herself right in, head first. There is nothing sweet about the way he talks to her, he ignores her, and yet she ends up hankering after him.

OK.lets take this one thing at a time.

guys say women are a waste of time, money and everything. u wudnt meet a man on the face of this earth who hasn't joked about it at least once. but they still run after women.

women want men who are sweet, nice, funny, send them flowers once in a while, pamper them, and yet they want the ones who do none of the above!

why?? why would a woman want to spend the rest of her like with a man who says "where are my slippers??" (this is precisely what prof.Higgins asks Eliza when she steps into his house after they profess their 'love' for each other.) Hello. We deserve better than that dont we? Now u guys reading this post dont get all defensive. I know there are a few sweethearts out there,who do all the nice things.( if any of u are 3-4 yrs older,earning a couple of millions each yr,indian,hold ur horses.i'll get you amma's number.she's on the prowl for one of u lot for her darling daughter).

but seriously, what is it about women and chosing the wrong kind of men? is it somethng in our blood that craves to be walked all over? what is it the key to that perfect relationship. at least relatively perfect. does it have to do with the whole 'romance' bit that is there at least in the beginning? or is it about finding the 'right' one who fits your bill? once u get the right 'type', at least half the battle is won there. what about later? the years that go by, the hurtful words thrown about, will the initial 'love' actually take it through? or does it have to do just with the way u handle the other person? these are the million dollar questions that are asked and answered by the so called relationship gurus who would have probably gone through a couple of divorces themselves.

But whatever said and done, men will always go after women, and these silly women will turn right back and run into the arms of one of them with all their notions about a happy life. If only they know 'happy' is just a relative term.


Shyam said...

this is the never-ending battle of the sexes. jus let it be and fight. dont go into the fundas. you may get bored and may have to go lesbo.

gimme a call if u do :)

Anand said...


Ne said...

u guys have SUCH a one track mind! hmph!

Paddie said...

after reading this .. i truly got a panoramic view (technicolor) of the word "retardation"

Ne said...

were u admiring ur beard and hair when u wrote this comment? :-P

Schmetterling said...

love is all bullshit. basically, life sucks. mother nature is a bitch. and i have three words, deal with it :)
on a more serious note though, the concept of love is invented by people who had nothing better to do, and faced with existential paradoxes accelerated by fantasies, love came about. ALL bullshit.