Thursday, June 7, 2007


so we dint have hummous cause it was over by the time we went to subway. and that place is called maison des gourmet.

so i dint find the perfect white kurti. cause stupid fab india decided to have some butt ugly designs. who is their new designer anyway???

so i dint have brandy snaps cause i was too full with the huge subway salad and a cookie :)

and i won a game at work today. i had to tie a tie on a guy with my eyes blindfolded. and i never tied a tie in my life before. i suppose it was the best of the lot. the prize was some weird showpiece of 2 birds and a shrub, but we had more fun bursting the bubble wrap it was packed in.

somehow my dad dint seem too thrilled that i won a prize in a game i had to tie a tie on a guy. i wonder why. hehe.

awww nana.. love u! :)


Schmetterling said...

i think i may know why. I'm waiting to head back and have this discussion with your dad soon. x

Ne said...


Prashanth said...

how very morantic da..

Ne said...

what is morantic?

Shyam said...

when u write a story write it in full

Skye Paige said... hi my name is Skylar, I just started a blog ummmm yea sooo yup toodles <3