Friday, June 29, 2007

tag - as if!!!

Shreya seems to be very excited that ive been tagged. And Rajiv wanted something interesting to read this weekend. "How will i spend my saturday if u are not going to post??", quoting him.OK Rajiv, i know u were TRYING to be sarci, so here it is.

The rules:

1. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.

2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.

3. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

so here goes, 8 random facts about myself, mes amis!

1) I hate people snapping their fingers for no reason.

It irritates me,bugs me,irks me,pisses me off,gets on my nerves when i hear people snapping their fingers. It makes me want to go and rip their fingers off their palms. Strange, i dont remember having similar reactions in play school.

2) I love aavakai.(typical south indian mango pickle)

I have to have aavakai with at least one meal a day. I can have it with dosai for breakfast, rice for lunch and with rotis for dinner. Although onion and chilli pickle come a close second.

3) I always notice a guys feet and hands second. His face first of course.And his clothes. Tight t shirts and jeans are a strict no-no.

They have to be clean with short nails. I cant stand dirty fingers with long nails.Oh yeah, he should wear nice clean shoes too.

4)I was a nail polish freak between class8 and 12.

I had about 60 colours. From bright red to black. Blue,green,yellow,glitter, and all that inbetween. Im SO glad im over that stage and so are my parents.

5)I hate waking up early.

Although, if i do, i'd love to go and watch the sunrise,take a walk,listen to the birds and all that jazz. But that seems like too much of an effort. I wish they day would begin at 12 noon. Although I can compromise with 11 am. Now tell me, what is so special that you can do in the morning that you cant do a few hours later?(other than watch the sunrise.well, bully for you.) HA. u cant think of anything much that matters??? good. my point EXACTLY!

6)I need a dose of chick lit once in a while.

After a hard day at work/college/whatever, its nice to drown urself in a witty,romantic,sweet story where all guys are nice, and bring you flowers and candy and an occasional diamond bracelet.Where they'd rather spend their evening with you than rubbing paws with some grubby guys at some grubby pub drinking beer from glasses that were spit washed. And they'd cook nice yummy dinner while you put up ur tired feet. OF course it goes without saying that he's super rich,gorgeous,makes you laugh,is sensitive,and he has eyes ONLY for you.


7)Although I sometimes behave like I dont care, I am a very sensitive person inside.

Every little thing is dissected and pondered and analysed and mulled over and deliberated upon to the T. Not necessarily to a person as such, but in my head.

8)I love baking.

Be it cake, or cookies, or cheesecake,pudding,brownies or a souffle. I generally like baking from scratch,with flour,sugar,butter,cocoa and all.Not the ready-made mix type. I feel truly happy when everyone loves what i bake and when the little ones want "just one more piece akka!!!"



Prashanth said...

u didnt mention anything about talking on the phone???

Ne said...

hehehehe!! i KNEW i was forgetting SOMETHING!!! :-D

Schmetterling said...

:) i absolutely enjoyed being able to talk for those couple of hours yesterday. not thinking your dad might be too happy though.

Ne said...

did u realise nana reads my blog??? thanks for mentioning 'a couple of hours'!!! :-P

Schmetterling said...

hahaha. he understands i'm prone to exaggeration. i'm sure he reads my blog too :)