Thursday, June 14, 2007

salt and saffron

Once upon a time, there were 2 girls. lets call them P and Q. This once upon a time can be now, 50 yrs back or 50 yrs into the future.My mathematical genius of a mind is saying that i am now in the middle of the bell curve( not so what?? ). OK.back to the point. P and Q were happlily living in the city W. P was what u can call a 'homely', 'nice' and all the words associated with 'good girls'. especially in a city like W, which is just about starting to accept there are other things in life than studies, weddings,work and kids. movies, coffee shops, and clubs(oh!!shocking!! do u actually GO there???) are mushrooming around the city. so u can think of a place that has its mixture of kacheri and the 'club culture'. P is from a family that 'protects' their women. going out after 6 PM, wearing jeans, etc are all frowned upon by the elders in the family as foward behaviour."look at this generation" they all say, "the kind of things they do.what is going to happen to their children.they are going to grow up with no culture" is their favourite line, forgetting that their parents said that about them and their parents and the so on till 12 century B.C. although they call themselves 'modern'. "why??whats wrong with us?? we allow our girls to go to college, and work. we also let them have a say in the boy we choose for them. we are very modern. in my time, i dint meet my husband until the wedding day.consider yourself lucky, young woman."

Q was from a 'liberal' family. She was brought up with the same freedom as her brother. She could wear whatever she wants(although no noodle straps as her dad would put it), go out late(not after 10 pm)club once in a while, hang out with her friends.after all everyone has to draw the line somewhere with girls. Her parents trusted her and she dint let them down by having a boyfriend. Boys who are friends are fine. but no BOYFRIEND. and there was no pressure on her as such to get married, although she finished college a year back. "take sometime for yourself till next year" her parents said and she was ok with it. "what more could a girl ask for? she's enjoying herself now.she's not ready to get married. when she is,we'll tell you" said her parsnts.

Now life was all hunky-dory for both the sets of parents, and family, other than the occasional outburst of an argument. nothing that a little emotional blackmail can't put an end to. thats what we all are specialists at aren't we? epecially as we grow older. "is this how you repay your parents after ALL we have done for you?? girls your age should be married. only then it will put you in your place. Thats why they always say you should get your daugheter married early.If you dont, they will start getting too independent".

About the girls. Although P was brought up to be quiet and that jazz, she really enjoyed going out. whether it was movies, an occasional lunch with friends, shopping, she was always the center of attention. she loved cutting ancient history class and watching the first day first show on friday mornings of popular movies. Her quiet demeanour belied her actual self. Although Q hung out with a group who liked to go out and have fun, she was an introvert. She preferred spending time with friends and family instead of saturday night out. Her idea of a good time was reading a book and munching chocolate and having her best friend stay over for the night.

Now, we know what kind of girls P and Q are, what kind of families they have and what kind of a city W is. But do we really KNOW what kind of PEOPLE they are? what they really like? what DO they do for fun? what is it that makes them tick? Has anyone cared to find out? The family and the so called friends and neighbours, 'society' . Not being judgemental is all it takes. Let each person be who they are. Who they ultimetely grow up to be. Of course, discipline has to be instilled as a child. The 'society' we grow up in is confused by itself. Can we meet even one person who knows what he or she wants? or what family wants from him? on one hand they say they want us to be happy and do what we want.But when we do, it is wrong. Who makes these rules? who says that this and that should or shouldnt be done.

At the end of the day there is no prize for being a good woman. Are the ones who did the 'bad' things when they were young living in some godforaken part of the world in shame? they are all either happily married/single/divorced just like the rest of us. Then what is all this fuss about? As long as you dont intentionally harm or hurt anyone, why cant we just BE? Thats all every woman wants, right? To have time for themselves, so that they can get to know who they really are. And not who they HAVE to be. The good girl, the good wife, the good mother.


Anand said...

Geeeee! i wonder who 'P' and 'Q' are!! *rolling my eyes*

Ne said...

err..whats all that abt?

Schmetterling said...

lol, anand, never and try and figure a woman's mind out :D

funboyz said...

P&Q must be your alter ego on your subconscious (if you have one...the mind...hehehe)
No one cares a damn what you do or lead your life.....but remember you have to face your maker one day.

And who is that so important maker...Hellfire & Brimstone???

not at all my dear ... It will be your kids.....
so dont do anything that they may despise you later

Ne said...

well, funboyz, thats one thing keeping me from getting a tatoo done!!! :-/

SR said...

nice essay :D