Monday, June 18, 2007


I dint get mad at anyone the whole day today.i dint get grumpy or irritated or even remotely bugged with anyone. Not even secretly!
Today was pretty much normal. The usual rigmarole.Woke up, went to work, worked of course,got home, went to the tailor to get an absolutely cute top stitched.i hope she deosnt screw it up if not i'l SCREAM.cause it costs more then the skirt i picked it up for. Its true the price of women's clothing is inversely proportional to the lenght of the dress!
just had a nice dinner! curd rice and chips! yeah i know what a simple life i lead. your grandmother would be proud of me.
i shouldnt have shot my mouth off. I am bordering on irritation now! that stupid irctc site is not allowing us to book train tickets. @#$%.

on gtalk right now :

prith :
$#^##^ &I^&I( ^%$$^Q %^#*^#*
here i cant even select the %^#^$ ^& station,,, %$^%$@%$@^

n u wanna plan another $#^ &#%^ trip
$%#%&$^&^%&#%$& *$# 2& %*#%^ @& &@^%&#%&#&^@%^$ $%^%^*& #

clearly i have a slight temper

(btw, i was just planning a goa trip in my head. i dont thnk thats on p's mind right now..

fine... im sure the others would loove the idea >:-P )

ok back to the point.

today was one of those days when u love the world.

when the sun is all bright and nice, just the right amount, a little rain too.

when ur happy to be alive.

when u know nothing can go wrong.

when u just want to smile and laugh and make others happy.

when u feel like this is how life should be.

when u know that everything is going to be back to normal tomo and you'll probably wake up grumpy not wanting to go to work and screaming at the auto guy in the morning. and the tailor calls to tell you that those sequins you wanted are not available anywhere on the face of this earth and not even on mars or venus or wherever they claim women are from.or men for that matter.

yes, we optimists always look at the glass half full.


Schmetterling said...

hahahahahaha, it's never so good. it's all down from here :D

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