Tuesday, September 25, 2007

kick ass match

Well, as u just happen to guess, im talking about the awesome,fantabulous,enthralling,exciting India-Pakistan cricket match yesterday.which totally kicked ass.Im not much of a cricket fan.My knowledge of cricket is limited to the rudimentary.What constitues four runs,a six,a catch and a run out.But I just cannot understand for the life of me what an LBW means.Thats when the batsman protects the stump or something right???
Everyone was looking forward to the match like there was no tomorrow.E mail forwards, SMS messages were being sent by the dozen and it looked like the whole of chennai left work early to fix their eyes on the TV.I was stuck in traffic for like 35 min when its usually 15 to get home :-|

So i got home and plonked myself infront of the TV.The one in my parents room.aah,a nice 29" with a home theatre sound system and their plush comfy mattress, a bag of crisps. I totally love this whole 20-20 concept. Its not a whole day long,its fast,furious,and loads of fun.The fact that it was India-Paki made it deliciously nail biting.. But one has to admit that the Pakistani team played real good cricket.Their fielding and bowling was just too good.Stealing a single here and there was tough. The fact that India managed to score about 160 odd runs was good for 20 overs but not enough for a comfortabe win. A couple of 4rs and 6s by the pakis would have changed the game completely.Wickets were falling fast and the Pakis were scampering on the pitch for runs. India royally kicked butt.

Amma's telugu commentary was the best. ROFL. It's taking sometime for Nana to adjust to the 20-20 match thing. Especially since he was a part of his school and university cricket team. For them, the old timey concept of a test match is the REAL thing. To accept the one day plays was tough,and now 20-20.Oh My God. whats the world coming to???
But one cant NOT enjoy it.Cricket is so close to the Indian heart that you cant look at it objectively! And this was India-Pakistan. I mean,hello. u have to be insane not to watch it!
Nana, for all your Golf,birdies,pars and putting techniques, cricket is still WITH you. :)

well, for now.Back to the usual rigmarole.Work tomorrow. Dont these people hear of mid week holidays?? well, now take a HINT.

speaking of HINT, we went to that place in bangalore. quite nice i say :)

signing out now.gotta get some shut eye.

For now....toodle!

P.S guys, any idea how long it takes to get an I-20 from schools?? *sigh* seems like FOREVER! and while we're on that topic, any suggestions about Maryland,college park VS Syracuse? any insight would be highly appreciated!! :) now dont u get any ideas,absolutely NO money involved.


Brat said...

Everyone has been talking about India beating Pakistan in the 20-20 final. Was the match really that exciting? I've completely lost touch with cricket, I don't know what's going on in the cricketing world.

Ne said...

go shoot urself NOW! or choke on green slime. ehehehe.

Parvathi said...

my sister got into the same universities and she chose syracuse :-)

Girish said...
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Girish said...

If I were you, I wud choose maryland, college park with out even a single thought or consideration!

Ok said...

College Park hands down if you are applying in Engg. Actually I just wrote about College Park (also other univs) and Cricket a minute ago on my blog. And I blog hop and land in your blog to find this!

Anyway I hope your blog shall entertain me for the next 20 mins till I hit the bed.

Ok said...

This is w.r. to your previous post on temples. I couldnt agree with you more. Its not like I dont believe in God. I just dont think paying money and walking in directly to the Sannidi is going to get God's blessings. My parents "sathify" silk sarees to some 4 Gods (thats like 10K) every year. I have managed to convince them to dontate it to some charity instead!

dinesh said...

i wud take univ of maryland anyday.
im curious 2 kno ur gre score which made u 2 get into this univ

Ne said...

see.this is what im talking about!!! im getting 50-50 on both schools. :-|