Saturday, September 15, 2007

that time in life

There comes a time in every girls(may I be more specific and say an Indian girl) life when the 'M' word is all she can hear. Needless to say its Marriage.Or wedding.or Nuptials. Or matrimony.Nice boy,good family,27yrs,earning well,tall,fair are all a part of the M word.So thy shall just say M from now and thou shalt figure out the rest.
The interrogator may come in different forms.More often than not,they are female who have an affinity to shiny silk sarees and jasmine flowers. Largely grouped between the age of 42 and above.Exceptions may occur in the form of bored housweives.The male form feels rather awkward with this topic.They tend to shy away and gravitate to the TV. The victim is ALWAYS a girl who has just finished college and is working.The questioning can also start during the final year.

A typical conversation usually tends to go this way.

(Aunty comes home for pooja/dinner/lunch for a good gossip.)

Aunty : so tell me ma,what are u doing these days??

victim : im working in infy/cts/tcs/whatever.

Aunty : so what plans do u have now?

victim : ermm, nothing much really. Thinking of writing GRE/GMAT/CAT (she adds warily, knowing whats coming next,desperately trying to ward off the next question but in vain.)

aunty : ayyo.You girls these telling you.This is the right old are you??

victim: uh, 22. actually i JUST turned 22. so you can say 21. TOO early aunty!

aunty : nonsense. you get married to a nice boy. And then you study. whats wrong???so may girls are doing it these days. (now looking at the victim's mother)So have any nice proposals come for her lately?

Mother : well. yes, but she is saying no.It seems she wants to study furthur.what can we say?

aunty : see.i told you.if u want ones stopping you. Do u want to study in the US? ok.we'll find a nice boy there for you.Or Europe?? that can also be done.(looking at mother again). In the US also,where ever she wants to study you can find someone close by.There are SOOOO many indians there.

Victim : heh. hmmm. uhh. let me write the exam first. Would you like some juice aunty?

Aunty(sensing change of topic) : No thanks.i have bad throat.Just went to the doctor that day.Actually, my doctor's sister's friend was my classmate in school. I heard her cousin and wife are in california.Looking out for their son I believe.He should be 26,working somwhere in Silicon Valley.I can find out if you want.

Victim : California?? i would love to get into Berkely! (starts dreaming)

Mother : So what is your sister's daughter doing? the one who studied in ASD college?

Aunty : You mean Kavitha? she is married. Has a baby now.2 yrs old.

Victim: ok.So she has a baby. but what is she DOING???

Aunty : err,she's married.

Victim: i know that. But what does she DO?

Aunty : i think she's planning to work. Her husband earns around 10 lacs per u know..

Victim : no i dont.

(ding dong.doorbell rings)Mother opens the door.

Mother : look,its a courier.A wedding invitation. Your friend Meena is getting married on the 23rd of next month.

Victm : good for her. Im ecstatic?????

Mother : see..i told you..if your friends.............

Victim : *sigh*

....and thus it continues..


Sreerama said...

damn... this was going to be my blog in sometime.... :|
you forgot the weird talk in weddings as well

@strange aunty : so have u started lookin out for her? only if u start now u ll find one in 2 yrs.. i know this sister of my frens frens colleague.. she has a brother in law who is a software engineer in US..will your family be interested?
@Mother : erm!!
@Girl : !#$@!%!$%!$@#!%^$#^

Ne said...

can i rip aunty's hair out of her scalp? just for fun?

Sreerama said...

ha.. i would like to see tat.. but bein a boy.. i get no such marriage talks.. i getta lotta work and studies shit though.. bleh

Schmetterling said...

Ah yes, the eternal question of marriage. Talking about which, *grin*