Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hyderabad Highs

After a month long hiatus,here I am again! :D I dint realize its been a month since I blogged.That was also because I was in Hyderabad for the last 10 days having a blast. Since I am leaving and all that, I decided to go to my grandparents place,meet cousins.I figured since I wasn't really doing anything here,I might as well go and do nothing there.Oh, and there was a wedding happening too! But I was truly in for a (pleasant) surprise. There was lots to do in hyd! I literally shopped till i dropped. The city is filled with malls and places to eat. The best part is,everyone seemed to be shopping and eating. What a change from the hyderabad I knew. Or maybe I dint really get to see the place since we would go there only for a wedding and my cousin sis,(who's just a year younger than me )and I wouldn't be allowed to stay out too late. Now that we're both working and "all growed up" we could do whatever we wanted. We had something to do everyday. One mall a day and a couple of shopping bags was like mandatory! The best part is, 10 minutes from their place is this HUGE row of factory outlets.From levis,to pepe,dockers and nike reebok and adidas. Need i say more?? *grin*

A typical day would be..wake up late,by the time we're all ready, its lunch time. eat. or go out to the various lunches organized in each aunt's place. shop.get home. go out for dinner.During the wedding time the lunch and dinner will be preceded by a function.In all this, my grandmother has a boutique.She does salwar kameez and saree business.So we would ooh and aah over the nice stuff she brought back from jaipur and when customers look at them. I seriously have the 'funest' grandma who brings back the most coolest stuff.I picked out this lovely toe ring which she brought back.The grandfather wasn't too happy about me wearing a toe ring since I am unmarried,but hello,its a fun thing and I'm wearing it only on one foot. He still dint seem to be convinced. Oh and we had this new flavor of Breezer called 'Jamaican Passion'. was yummy. Is it possible to sign some kind of a petition for them to start allowing Bacardi to market Breezer in Chennai? Grr. This is SO not fair. We have it in Bangalore and Hyderabad, Chennai really feels left out. Cant u see that??? H-M-P-H!!

I'm back in Chennai now. I need to learn to make all the types of Dal. Learn to IDENTIFY them first is more like it. I get so confused with the English,Hindi,Tamil and Telugu names! There are like some million varieties, multiply them into 4, and what do expect? One hell of a confused drama queen.

More updates on the dal et al later.ta!

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