Saturday, April 4, 2009

Food cravings have been a part of my life ever since I remember. I don't eat much as such, but sometimes I feel like having some chocolate,or rice and aavakkai(Andhra mango pickle) with some ghee and pani puri. Sheesh. I'm very picky about the aavakai I like and prefer the homemade variety made with mustard oil. This drives Amma nuts since we dont have the summer aavakai making ritual at home. :) I've always loved to cook and used to hang around when my dad took over the kitchen. He makes the world's best biryani. (I'm having intense biryani cravings right now). I just don't have the motivation to cook lately. The kitchen at our student apartment is pretty small. I'm just waiting to get my own place with a nice large kitchen and big room and light scented candles all over the place. sigh. I guess first I need a real job. Waiting to get done with grad student life as much as I love school.

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girlofmanycolors said...

I love food and coco!!
this seems like a fun blog!