Monday, May 11, 2009

I was studying quietly at school minding my own business when a couple of people come and start talking to me. We were discussing random stuff about course work when one of them made a very rude comment about my team and presentation. When I asked him to explain, he had little to say. I just hope my answer and following silence made him realize he should think before talking.

I find this a lot around Indian guys. I don't mean to sound prejudiced or judgmental,because I'm Indian too. But I feel a lot of them lack basic courtesy in things they say and also when addressing women. The worst part is that they don't realize it and think its cool to act that way. It might be when you're an obnoxious 17 year old but not when you are 25 and in a professional environment.

This makes me wonder if they were taught basic etiquette at a young age. Should it begin at home? or at school? It starts off very early when young boys observe their fathers treat their mothers and other women with more authority than necessary. Right through school and even through college and beyond nothing is done to even imply that such behavior is not right. And when they leave home and go to other countries, this reflects badly on us as people! By voicing these 'concerns' they are not going to listen. And the worst part and what makes me real mad is they get away with being able to say what they want to without realizing it reflects so poorly on them and their character.

What does one do in such situations? Stay away and hope they don't embarrass you in public.


Guruji said...

when did u see dad bullying mom?...certainly not at home. its the other way

Ne said...

lol.. very funny. I'm talking in general :P

ameena said...

nice blog :P

Sankar said...

Very nice and meaningful blog!!!!!! Liked it u put it through..