Friday, August 14, 2009

500 days of Summer

Last night on impulse my roommate and I went to watch the movie '500 days of Summer'. I usually avoid late nights when I'm working but I dont regret coming in to work sleepy eyed. The movie is refreshing, honest, down to earth and not glossy with beautiful people with perfect hair and nails. It is boy meets girl, but not a love story. Its a relationship story.

Haven't we all been there? Being so in love with the idea of love that you just lose focus on the bigger picture. The want of things to be a fairy tale, the concept of a soul mate that slowly disintegrates when you realize you're going to be 25 and wondering where your life went. As Carrie from Sex and the City says something to the effect of "I'm 40 and waiting. Where is he??"

Where is he!? I don't know! Does he even exist? hmm. not quite sure anymore. Thats the problem! From even before we could read, we have been fed with stories of a handsome prince and living happily ever after. While I don't exactly blame parents and society for trying to instill some faith in us, don't you think its more wrong than right? Girls spend all their time thinking that someone is going to come and rescue them and make all their troubles go away. WRONG. The moment that is expected, its all downhill from there.

The movie for once, is not about the girl.It's not about how in love with the guy she is, and she doesn't know what he thinks blaah blah blah.. only for him to come to the airport just before she boards the flight to kiss away her tears. It is the guy's perspective. It's about how he falls in love with the girl and she is not in love with him. She is unsure.

YES. That does happen to us too! Sometimes, we are not in love with a guy but just like him. Sometimes we want to take things as they go too. But no one likes to acknowledge the fact that we can be confused, and don't really want to plan where its going. We women always have to be portrayed love struck, crying and waiting for the man of her dreams. The stereotype of guys using girls doesn't really exist anymore I'm afraid.

What if we don't believe in love? That statement might just negate a few thousand years of literature, a few hundred years of novels and a hundred years of movies! I'm sorry, but it just might be true :-)


Gradwolf said...

I wanna watch it! And no torrent in site :|

Parvathi said...

ive given up looking for it :-)
i'm officially going to let it come to me.

Ne said...

@gradwolf - aw. will see if the dvd comes out and i can send it to u..

@parvathi - I think I'm tired of that too!

sruj said...

ne...we need to talk..wher r u?~!?!