Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm back. I'm wondering if I have any readers left. Lurkers maybe? Those of you who don't leave comments but land on my blog by googling " words not to use in front of the Queen." How the heck did that happen? I don't think I ever posted anything about the queen let alone what not to talk in front of them. weird.

In the other news, I went and got married this summer amidst lots of drama. yeah, thats me. =) More on that later. That requires a whole host of posts I think! For now, we're back, and I never thought setting up house would be so much fun. Doubly so because EVERYTHING is new and we all know how much I love shopping and shiny new things right? I've also started noticing things that I would have never given a rat's ass about before. Like rugs. Floor rugs, bathroom mats, kitchen mats, rugs for the bedroom. I've been obsessing about it to the point that we haven't bought any because I haven't found anything(affordable) I love. You know what I mean right? You look at it, love it and HAVE to have it. I've found a couple of $1000 ones that are awesome, but I don't think the husband is leaning anywhere close to splurging on 1000 buck rugs. heh heh. We(when I saw we, its mostly I) want something that goes with our color scheme, that's not too busy, that's muted BUT grabs the attention of people like my former(uninterested) self "wow, where did you get that from? Its so contemporary"

I have a feeling we're going to be walking around in socks for a while.


Nikhilesh Murthy said...

One reader still here....'s an idea, why don't you track all the stuff you are setting up, take pics, and put them up as a series of posts.

For example, if you're setting up the dining room(assuming you're not eating, sitting on the floor) show how you picked the table and why...then the table cloth...cutlery, and all that.

Should be fun.

PS: If you get any endorsements thanks to this idea, you owe me 15% of the revenue.

Ne said...

yea. we've been taking pics.stay tuned for updates =) heh heh.

Surendran said...

Hi. This is the first time I'm leaving a comment here. As to how I came upon this blog, I think it's very simple: the link on your orkut home page. We seem to have a mutual "orkut" friend, Bharat Moorthy.

I started following your blog after April 2010. So I believe it would be more appropriate to say I have been "reading" your blog entries rather than "following" them. Taken in their entirety your blog entries form a fascinating tale. I feel happy to have been reading them. It's like reading the 44 Scotland Street series, only set in Chennai and the University of Maryland!

Ne said...

orkut?! :-o I completely forgot I have an account there! :-) yaay! I have 2 readers now. lol!

Bg said...

im there...lurking..and reading! :)