Friday, February 1, 2008

Gloves and warm socks

OK so I have settled here. Waiting for my lappie to arrive. I was all excited waiting for my Dell to get here yesterday when I found out 31st jan was the SHIPPING date, not the delivery date. grr. so its back to square one. As most of u know, at the risk of sounding redundant, we cant SURVIVE without a comp. So different from how college was. I would just scribble something onto sheets of paper, wihout a margin and submit my 'assignment'. Not like the staff cared much anyway. The other day I spoke to two friends, at two different times of the day, in different locations and they both HAD to mention i was the fastest 'writer' among our group(or whatever you call it. group sounds too high school). Im serious. Learning to multi-task was a bonus too. I could effortlessly combine writing an assignment with listening to class, reading my novel,replying to SMS, laugh at Fadil and Girish's antics who were sitting behind us. Oh, and talking to harshini too. Is there any award for such talents? If there are and it involves a nice month long spa holiday as a prize I am a willing contenstant. Otherwise im not interested.hmm. A nice new wardrobe and matching shoes are ok too! Perfumes count as well.

I cant deny im missing home. I cant believe im saying this, but im missing the weather. After spending 22 3/4th long years complaining - Im sure I complained in baby language till i was about 11 months old.That was when I was supposed to have said my first word - By the time I get into the various winter paraphernalia-socks, shoes,scarf,sweater,coat, and gloves, its time to take them all off.

So any time your at College Park during the next couple of years, or any surrounding areas, irrespective of the weather, no prizes guessing who the one bundled up like a bear is. Or anywhere near Dallas or Ann Arbor for that matter!!!

And my nana dint think too much of my gtalk status message. Quoting him : your status message is ridiculous. grr. fine. hmph. im 22 and 3/4. I can get away with it. So whats my birthday present? I know you read my blog, so start working them grey cells. looouve.

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Schmetterling said...

I'm in sunny C, I'm in sunny C, I'm in sunny C :D :D :D I'm also wearing shorts and a tshirt, and flip flops. muahahahahahahahahaha.