Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Thanks to u-know-who(read : schmetterblllaaahhh) I was reminded how long its been since I carried a handbag. I am heavily into backpacks now. I havent carried once since I finished school and moved on to the cooler side sling bags with a couple of keychains with 'witty' sayings. 'I am not perfect, but im so close its scary' . Another one was 'Boys have two faults.Everything they say and everything they do'.I still have them somewhere as a part of college memorablia.

I am looking into my backpack right now and this is what I find...

The big compartment :)

. My Laptop, which is my best friend these days

. Multicolour folder with a bunch of resumes, papers, labels etc

. 10-15 Pamphlets of various companies which had come to school for some career fair(which I have to wait for another semester to apply, but got them anyway!!)

. A Lipton Raspberry Ice Tea Carton they were giving away

. Red Spare jacket, Im thanking my stars I have it with me now. I havent gotten used to checking the weather report and I dint know snow fall was predicted and its snowing. Going to play in it after class :)

. Super warm woolen scarf. Although I thought it was an ultra drab grey colour and cursed chennai for having such crappy winter clothing, its pretty good.

. Pink Gloves, my fav. Light nice pink with slight light brownish cream thread interwoven here and there to give it a warm glow and pink fleece lining.

. Small dabba with a hummus and jalapeno sandwhich.

. Kutty water Bottle

. Orange flowered address book

. gold and bronze bling wallet which has the $(notice I dint say $$$$). Also has cards, A's old visiting card :), pics of Nana and vaibs, Amma's is at home, Indian drivers licence, PAN Card, Senthil Lending library card(i miss uuuu), Kumaran Lending library card(which shut down when Senthil took over), bunch of folded bills from some shops, teeny weeny thin perfume bottles by BLV.

. Black Sunglasses case

. Umbrella borrowed from my friend when it rained the other day and I dint have one. I promised myself I will buy one tomorrow.

. Small dabba with my ischool USB drive which they were giving away at the research facility do

Now for the front compartment - This has essentially what my handbag usually does!

. 3 small packs of tissues - I am tissue freak. My wet tissue pack is over.mental note made to buy a new one

. School ID card

. Metro Bus smart trip card

. My house and apartment building keys

. 2 small butterfly clips

. 3 scrunchies in 3 diff colours

. A couple of bills - target, shoppers, and Bed,Bath and Beyond :)

. Tube of soap Slivers Amma bought for me in chennai. super cute. also in pink and white, in pretty shapes. hearts and stars. U never know when you need to wash your hands.

. 4 boxes of mints in different flavours - normal, extra strong, orange and sour berry. Im freakish about bad breath.

. 3 pens. in blue and black

. cocoa butter box, which Ammamma got from jaipur. its the BEST.

. Small hairbrush

. Random pieces of paper ive scribbled on

. Streetwear plain lip gloss

. Extra pair of specs

. Revlon diamond lipstick in pink crush. my abs fave. esp when mixed with lakme's mauve.

. Clinique glitter gloss

. Earbugs - these woolen things which fit on top of the ear and protect from the windchill. cant go out without it.

. Bronze earrings which I removed the other day and forgot to put back inside

. Empty mentos packet which I JUST threw away.

. USB Drive

. Lappie charger entangled with my cell phone charger. They're always together, and im always in a hurry so I just dump them in.

. Label from my dept with my name printed on it

. Honey and Oat Granola Bar

. Caboodles 2 in 1 Lip gloss. One side is the lightese of pinks and one side is clear with a bit of glitter

. 2 Handouts which they gave in class, folded and put inside

. Bill from USPS

. Small size adidas perfume

. Fav kutty mirror

. That spare mascara

. Extra Lens case

. Tiny lancome pink perfume. somehow always lands up in every bag i carry

. blue flowered notebook that goes everywhere I go

. Black Glitter eyeliner

. Cell Phone, but thats usually in my pocket

. Tube of hand cream

. Latest addition - Davidoff Cool water pocket perfume

I dont think I should add the stuff in my handbag at home for now... hmm. no wonder I was asked if I was going camping the other day! :)


i think therefore i am said...
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i think therefore i am said...

hey!! ur bag's inside sounds remarkably like the inside of mine.. Gave up on handbags too!!! Dont fit the dozens of things I tend to carry.. My other solution is to just take my credit card and keys in my pocket!!

vinay kumar said...


Ne said...

nana!!! hehehe. okkkk, i get the picture. now u know what all I carry with me! :)

rads said...

O good Lord!!! You beat schmetterling hands down!! :O

You two are gonna need some loving shoulder massages/rubs after all that schlepping :P

Ne said...

@rads : totally dude. a spa holiday wonly. :-P

Nikhil Neelakantan said...

Ne: Is there space for more?

Ne said...

@nik - hmmmm... let me see. if i get my hands on that cheek stain by Tarte, most definately YES!!!

germinal dreamer said...

You beat my mom hands down! I once thot she fooled *space*. with *time*, I got used to it.