Thursday, March 6, 2008

Shreg, Ne, Dcee and some more

The best birthday present I could have asked for landed up at my doorstep last Sunday night. I open the door to find Ms.Schmetterling standing there with one big suitcase. After recovering from the surprise, we quickly made plans to go to the mall the next day. I really cannot ask for a better shopping partner. There is this vibe you have to share to really enjoy the whole experience. I've tried in vain to feel the same vibe with other people, but I can REALLY shop with only a few! (Amma, you're included) The best buy was Shre's, a cheek stain by Tarte. Check out her blog for more info! My best buy was a pair of jeans. I have always had a huge problem buying jeans from India, especially Levis. They're made for size 2 women who have the same waist and butt size. Oh, and I love my white summer dress as well. The fact that it was on sale makes it even more attractive. Cant wait to wear it at Ann Arbor this summer!
We were off to Washington DC the next day. We walked and walked and did more walking. With my bad foot.(Do you hear this Shregs?) We did the touristy thing.Walked around the mall area, saw the Capitol building,the Washington monument, looked at all the
Smithsonian Museums. Thats what we did..Looked and then walked right past them.The next day we drove to Phily- Thats Philadelphia but I call it Phily to sound waaay cooler than I actually am- The day after that was spent at Baltimore. Walked around the Inner Harbour and took this boat ride. That boat ride was quite interesting I must say. A loud gay german guy got on board and started showing everyone his purchases and how much 'fun' shopping is. And then started talking in German to shregs. I almost died laughing. The only word I think I understood was ich. It was time for the flight back all too soon. Over all, a super fun birthday week. What are best friends for if they cant make the homesickness go away and sit with you in Class 722 for Copyright and Digital Law?


gayathri said...
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gayathri said...

loved the last line. What are best friends for:-)I went to DC last yr with my entire family and we were tired walking. some of the museums are a MUST c. but then shopping is fun too:)

Ne said...

DC is like 20 min from here by metro so ive kept the museums for another day. i wish we went shopping in DC just for the fun of it though! well, there's always next time. :D

Schmetterling said...

* Copyright Law SUCKS. But the prof was cute. Save his bad breath. The dude needs some listerine.
* Tarte Cheek Stain - plus plus plus :) Muahahahahahahahahahaha. I don't think it might last me three years the rate at which I use it.
* German gay dude- hilarious conversation, mostly because he kept telling me how hot he thought R was.
* Smithsonians, there's always a next time :)
* Sucks to be back in six inches of snowy Ann Arbor. It's spring for chrissake. Like I'm so fond of saying- "It's only in Michigan that Skinny Jeans and Snow Boots will still be on the spring line"

rads said...

yesyes - The icing on this fabulous time would've been to drag poor ol Rads around *sniff!

Ok ok, I know, you don't want to be seen with a mommy. My own doesnt, so can't blame u gals. *sigh.