Monday, July 7, 2008

Blue bee doo

Yesterday morning the moment I woke up, the desire to go home was so strong it took me by surprise. I have never felt such strong an urge to wake up in my own bed - I mean in Chennai - in my room, and to find Nana reading the paper,Amma making dosas for V while he fusses and gets ready for school. I don't usually get into such moods, I do miss home and everything, but yesterday was different. I guess I was generally bummed that I din't go anywhere this long weekend while everyone had their respective plans.I had to cancel my trip to visit Savi at Philly because of my final project for the summer course I'm taking. To add to it, the project seems waaay longer than it actually is and it feels like it will take forever to finish.

I watched this movie called 'Outsourced' which provided me with a few laughs. Its about this guy in the US who is sent to India to train the employees at a Call center and how he adjusts there. He lands up in this weird ass village outside Mumbai(I dint know they have call centers in Villages), stays in this Auntyji's guest house and endures extra sweet tea and ironed underwear. Oh, and he falls in love with the smartest girl in the office(Surprise surprise!!).

Other than that, I fell down like a child the other day - twisted my ankle a little, and bruised my knee. *sniff* Now I can wear only floaters. Wore my pants and capris the whole of last week so that my bruise doesn't show. I'm fed up and back to my skirts. So what if I have a bruise? Hmph. And then I cut my finger while cutting onions a couple of days back and now its all bandaged. Wonder why its been such an accident prone week?

The library at school finally decided to issue Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri to me. Will give my valuable inputs once I'm done reading it. He is waiting for me to finish so I should be done reading by tomorrow if my wonderful project doesn't get in the way.

Oh, and I went to DC on the 4th to watch the fireworks. In spite of the rain I had a nice time sitting huddled under an umbrella eating fries and watching the display. Too bad I dint have someone sitting with me. Under the same umbrella I mean. blah.But I've had enough of the male species anyway.

Watched Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na last night. Was quite nice I guess. Had all the ingredients of a hindi movie but wasn't one of those heavy bollywood types either. A one time watch if you need some good laughs. Genilia looks pretty, but got slightly irritating after a while with the giggly girl image(Which was worse in 'Bommarillu'). Amir Khan's nephew put up a decent show being his first movie and all. No movie is complete without one of those stupid comedy routines. If it was Jaaved Jafri in Salaam Namaste, it was Arbaaz and Sohail Khan here. Argh. WHY? WHY cant a hindi movie just be nice and fun without people making fools of themselves? And the clich├ęd ending at the airport and all dint do much for the movie. oops. Did I just give out something? The movie is so predictable anyway you'll know the ending even at the beginning.

I shouldn't be trashing it this much because the movie is actually decently fun. Watch it if you have the time.


Gayathri said...

:-) Ur going thru a 'boys are stupid.throw rocks at them' phase..right? :)

Ne said...

@BG - like big time!! :D

WHODUNIT? said...

not doing anything during the long weekend while others have plans makes u semi-philosophical ur blog word count goes up.....I wrote crap but I guess the subconscious reason is the same :)