Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Have you ever wanted to scream till your lungs burst?
Cry till you dont have any tears left?
Forget about everything and just do what you want that brings you peace even if you know that it might not be the wisest thing to do right now?
Just take a random walk and think for yourself even if you dont have all the answers and probably never will?
Felt when you were younger that when you 'grow up' things will be clearer to you, and now that your grown up they are still the same?
And you are still asking yourself the same questions?


Brat said...

Same questions, same answers, and yet, different timelines!

Schmetterling said...

hahaha, we all go through these phases. momo and i went through this one after the other. i just wanted to be a kutti girl and run around my dad's legs.

germinal dreamer said...

"Growing up" is so artificial..it mostly covers aspects put in by the society(rest due to biological changes) and somehow we expect ourselves to live up to it. What happens to us can be called learning. We learn and accumulate empirically seen observations as we age...... The more we cover ourselves with 'maturity' the more we yearn for our childhood.
And we don't accept this and cry like we wud want to.. cos society has drawn a line as to how long you can cry. Alas.

satish said...

always neha always;infact im going thro one rite now :D and i think this is part of being a grown up..the beauty is as u said wen v were young v thot v wud get the answers once v grow up but thats not how it works rite..Life is strange my friend :)

Ne said...

@everybody - *sigh* :D