Sunday, December 7, 2008

Its 11 30 pm on Sunday night and I'm still at school. A burrito bol, packet of chips, brownies, rice and channa, fries, coffee, 12 hours and other random stuff later and we're still half way through the book for the exam. sigh.

And another tag, this one I want to do.She dint tag me, but I'm going to do this anyway! :-)

Your oldest memories:

Fussing what to wear in the mornings before going to school. Yes. I was three.
Watching tadpoles in the puddles made by rainwater in Abacus (my school).
My grandmother reading to me in the afternoons and dad in the night before putting me to sleep.
Shampooing my barbie's hair.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

10 years ago, I was 13, in 9th standard. Most of that year was spent listening to all the teachers go on and on about the board exams we would have to 'face' next year. This was also the year Sne and I stopped 'playing' downstairs with the other kids and started talking more..We would spend hours on the terrace discussing what most 13 year old girls would. We read a few Mills&Boon books that year too!

Your first thought in the morning..
'Just five minutes more?'

If you built a time capsule it would have..
Taken be back to school to relive some of those days? Or would it take me a few years into the future to know what its going to be like? Where am I going to end up and who am I going to spend my life with? It feels like I'm the only one in the dark since all my friends are slowly getting hitched.

This year..
I started studying again..I moved to the US to do my masters. Learned to operate the washing machine(I know I was slightly pampered at home), manage my life and my house. I feel I have grown so much more in this one year than I have ever felt before.

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?
My mind is drawing a blank right now. I just wish I'm happy with whatever I end up doing.


Fatema said...

you shampooed your barbie's hair too?! my brother thought i was crazy when i did that..

Nikhilesh Murthy said...

amen to the last point... :)

i think therefore i am said...

I used to shampooo my Barbie's hair too..he he..

And yeah..who knows 14 years from now where one would be?

Ne said...

@ Fatema and i think - haha, sweet!!

@nik - :-)

Guruji said...

...she would then blow through the metal tip of a ball point pen as a "Hair Dryer".

Ne said...

nana!! not on my blog!!! :P