Saturday, December 18, 2010


I have a bunch of friends on facebook who I have known since pre school. 'Since' might not be an apt word cause I lost touch with them after the 5th grade when I moved to another school and only recently got back in touch. We haven't hung out like ever, probably only in the playground or at the swings. But we all share similar childhood memories of sliding down the err.. slide, watching tadpoles in the puddles after rains, holi at school etc.Yeah, our school was cool. We celebrated Holi. Only that I was too scared and din't go out to the playground but I remember that day very clearly. There's this one guy who is in my list, who was the first friend I ever called - on the phone.

So one day in the third standard, everyone decided to exchange phone numbers. I ran around the entire time during 'workroom hour' asking everyone for theirs and noted them down on a sheet of paper. Our school was small, only about 50 kids or so, and I had about 25 numbers crammed into a page. After school, a very excited little me ran to my grandmother.
"Aaji, look! I got the phone numbers of all my friends!!!"
"Ok, let me see" She took the paper from me, glanced at it and started laughing.
"But where are the names for all the numbers????"


Surendran said...

I remember the first time I called a friend over the telephone. I was a 1st grader then, I think, and had just one "best" friend. His father happened to answer the call and I remember feeling really shy and slightly scared. What seems like a trivial thing now, was once an awkward rite of passage!

Ne said...

haha, yes true. I remember those times.